3 Ways to Add Color to Your Macramé

Hi knotters and macramé lovers!

Today, I’ll share how to incorporate color into your macramé by using clove knots (Double Half Hitch knots).

We will be going over 3 different methods that you can use to add color to your macrame projects.

There will be tips, tricks and tying techniques you will learn in this blog post, as well as in the video tutorial.

For example, arranging your colors before you start knotting is very important since this affects how the colors show up in the resulting pattern. We’ll go over that in more detail a little bit later on.

Finally, we’ll demonstrate using color cord in a traditional friendship bracelet pattern.

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Now, if you’re ready to begin learning how to incorporate color into your macrame project, let’s get to it!

Remember, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you. Have fun, knotting!

Macramé Supplies You Will Need

Below are some of the materials and supplies you will need. All the materials and cord listed in this post can be found in our shop, bochiknot.com/shop or on Amazon.


Length of Cord:

  • This depends on your design. For help on measuring the length of cord you need, check out my golden ratio tutorial.

Method 1: V-Shaped Double Half Hitch Knot Pattern

This method is incredibly simple but effective.

Here, we simply alternate colored cord with non-colored cord (or other colors) to create a stunning pattern.

Step 1. Tie five lengths of cord to a dowel stick using Lark’s head knots.

If you are unfamiliar with the Lark’s Head knot, feel free to download my free Macrame 50 Knots Guide.

In this FREE digital download you will get 50 of the most commonly used knots to help you create and design your macrame projects. From mounting knots, hitches, ending knots, vintage knots, to unique-advanced knots.

All sorts of different types of knots to help you knot away.

This will be your most handy tool to have beside you when making macrame.

Use non-colored cord at the far right, in the middle, and at the far left. Use colored cord (either of the same color or two different colors) on either side of the middle cord. 

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

Step 2. Starting at the far right, tie two Diagonal Half Hitch knots (Double Half Hitch knot) on your non-colored cord, using the far right strand as your anchor cord.

Using the same anchor cord, tie a Double Half Hitch knots with the first strand of colored cord.

Repeat this with the second strand of colored cord. Lastly, make a double half hitch knot with the middle non-colored cord. 

You will see a diagonal pattern emerge, incorporating the colored cord into the design.

Repeat the process from the far left side, mirroring what you’ve done on the right. Use the far left cord as the anchor cord.

If you continue with the V-shaped half hitch knot pattern, the colored cord with continues to shift outwards.

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

After this, it will start over again from the center, moving outwards as you go along.

You could use this same method to incorporate color using rows of horizontal Double Half Hitch knots.

Here, the colored cord included will stay the same throughout.

This means that the alternating colored pattern you started with will remain throughout the entire project.

Method 2: Using Vertical Double Half Hitch Knots

Instead of incorporating color into your macramé from the start by attaching colored cord to a dowel or ring, you can incorporate it into your pattern using vertical double half hitch knots.

This method is excellent for creating shapes or patterns with colored cord in your design. Here, you can add geometric designs and lettering to your project

Step 1: Attach your colored cord onto the far left two vertical cords using an Overhand knot.

Tuck the short end of the overhand knot into the back of your design. Make a Half hitch knot on the same two strands using the long end of this cord.

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

Step 2: Continuing to the right, make a 3 vertical double half hitch knot using the next two anchor cords in your design.

Continue in moving to the right in this manner until you reach the end of your design. As you go, remember to tuck the knots tightly to the anchor cords to keep everything neat.

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

To add another row of color below the first one, repeat steps 1 and 2.

To add a new color halfway through your row of knots, simply incorporate a new color at the desired place, tying it in using an overhand knot, as was done in step 1.

Then, using vertical double half hitch knots, expand the line of color as far as you need to.

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

Step 3: To bring the color back to the left, alternate the direction in which the Double Half Hitch knots are made.

Doing this will let your colored line flow in the opposite direction, thickening the original line or color.

Step 4: Tuck in the loose cords at the back of the pattern. Turning your design upside down, use a crochet hook to tuck the cords through the loops at the backs of the knots.

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

This will secure the loose ends and tidy up your design. Lastly, trim any excess cord using a pair of sharp scissors.

Method 3: Friendship Bracelet Method – Alternating Color Pattern

This method creates a fun design through alternating colors, as is done in the friendship bracelet method from when we were younger.

Similar to Method 1 above, here we use Nestled Mount Lark’s head knots instead of individual Lark’s head knots as a starting point. This affects how the pattern turns out.

Step 1: Make a series of Nestled Mount Lark’s Head knots on a dowel stick using different colored cords.

For this illustration, we used 4 cords of different colors. Alternate the colors of your cord to create the color scheme you desire. 

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

For a step-by-step tutorial on this knot, check out my macramé knot tutorial series.

The idea is to “nest” a series of lark’s head knots inside each other, allowing you to have a set of single cords of various colors next to each other, instead of the usual pairs of cord.

Step 2: Using the far-right cord as an anchor cord, make a Diagonal Double Half hitch knot using the second-to-right cord.

Continue to the left, using the third-to-right cord for another Diagonal Double Half hitch knot. Repeat this until you reach the center of your design.

Step 3: Repeat step 2 on the left side, creating another row of diagonal double half hitch knots from the left end to the center of your design.

This should mirror what you did to the right.

End off with a double half hitch knot in the two middle cords.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 to create another row of diagonal double half hitch knots below the first row.

By now, you should see an upside-down V-shaped pattern emerge as the colores naturally flow outwards.

This is what we call the friendship bracelet pattern. If you continue in this way, the pattern will restart, forming a beautiful design.

How do you add color to macrame 3 tying technique methods. How to incorporate color into a macrame wall hanging.

And that’s it! I hope that this helps you incorporate color into your macramé designs. I’d love to see how you incorporated color into your projects – please post pictures!

Congratulations! You have learned 3 new ways to incorporating color to your macrame projects.

Feel free to experiment with different color combinations.

Video Tutorial

If you have any questions, or if you enjoyed this macrame post, feel free to leave me your comments – I’d love to hear from you. Or tag me on Instagram @Bochiknot to share your work.

I’ll see you next time, have fun macramé-ing!

Much love,

Macrame instructor for beginner, intermediate, and advanced macrame

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