2022 Lunar Good Luck Charm To Carry With You

With this tutorial, I invite you to come along on my personal journey.

My family is from Hong Kong, but I grew up in Canada. My family upholds strong traditional values, which shape how we do things.

How we do daily life was strongly influenced by colors and numbers, like the number 8.

It's so lucky, and it's there in our address, number plates, and phone numbers. Then, there's the color red, traditionally incorporated into Lunar New Year celebrations.

So, it's only fitting that we celebrate Lunar New Year in style :) This year, Lunar New Year stretches from 1 February to 15 February.

Lucky charm knots are meant to be kept on your person or close to you to manifest good luck and fortune for the year.

You can put it on your purse, keychain, next to your nightstand, or wherever it serves as a reminder of the good luck and fortune that it brings.

The special knot used at the center of this charm is the good luck knot, made using the Chinese crown knot. It's not the easiest knot to make, so I recommend using a corkboard or something similar, with some T-pins to help when you make this knot. It's also essential to make this knot in red since red represents good luck in many Asian cultures. 

Are you new to macramé? Here's a quick explainer: macramé is a form of knot tying to create textiles for art of functional purposes. The Chinese form of macramé is called Chinese knotting or Chinese decorative knots. These are usually made as lanyards or charms, and they're a super important part of Lunar New Year. At this time, we hang them in homes, restaurants, on the streets, and at festivals. Basically, everywhere we celebrate Lunar New Year. These charms are usually made with decorative knots with symbolism and special meaning.

We partnered with Sulwhasoo, a luxury Korean beauty brand, for this tutorial. They treat the mind and the soul as one, using a holistic approach to beauty.

They empower people to care about their health and beauty through holistic rituals.

This resonates with me, and my macramé journey since macramé is my form of meditative therapy. It's my mind yoga to soothe the soul. Let's bring together the mind, body, and spirit to bring holistic wellness to our lives.

Sulwhasoo just launched their limited edition First Care Activating Serum to celebrate Lunar New Year. This serum is lightweight and smells divine.

I've only used it for a couple of days, and my skin is already more radiant and moisturized. 

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This project should take about 10 minutes, depending on your skill level.

Cord & Supplies

To create this pattern, you will need:


  • 2mm Cord/String
  • 1 Large Hole Bead (at least 4mm hole)

You can find everything you need in our shop. I used the 2mm red satin cord.


  • 1 Cork/Foam Board
  • 4 x T-Pins

Cord Lengths Needed

  • 1 x 100cm (39”)

Creating The Chinese Lucky Charm Knot

Before you start, tape the cork board to your working surface.

Step 1: Take the 100cm cord, folded in half, and place the loop end on top of the corkboard. Ensure that the loop is about 5 ½ - 6" long.


Step 2: Pin down the loop on both sides at 3" from the top of the loop.


Step 3: Take the right end of the cord, make a loop facing the right-side, and pin the bottom. This loop should be the same size as the first one.


Step 4: Repeat Step 3 on the left side.


Step 5: To make the Chinese Crown knot, fold the top loop down to the right, then fold the right loop down over to the left. Fold the bottom ends up the left side. Then, weave the left loop through the right.





Step 6: Pull all four sides to tighten. Remove the pins at this stage.


Step 7: Pin the knot down and repeat another Chinese Crown knot.




Step 8: There should be a small loop between the larger loops that appear. Pull-on those small loops to make them visible.


Step 9: Take the bottom ends and make an Overhand knot.


Step 10: Thread the large hole bead through the bottom ends.


Step 11: Make another overhand knot underneath the bead.


Step 12: Add a Barrel knot at the bottom of one cord end by wrapping it around a finger twice. Pull the end through the top and down the center to tighten.



Step 13: Repeat Step 12 on the other cord.



And there you have it! Your own good luck charm to bring you luck and prosperity in the year to come.

You can also incorporate this knot into other designs for your Lunar New Year festivities.


Much love,

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