The Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Macrame Feather Wall Hanging

Bochiknot Macrame Feather Tutorial

Macrame feathers are all the rage right now and I'm not surprised because they are beautiful. They are an attractive way to enhance any Macarame-related project.

Making macrame feathers can become an excellent Boho accent on macrame jewelry, keychains, wall-hanging decor, or even macrame furniture.

A macrame feather is also a great way to reuse leftover cords/rope. I tend to make micro-macrame feathers for miniature projects or add them as decorations to my designs to make my projects stand out!

In today's macrame tutorial, I will show how easy it is to make your own DIY macrame feathers in this 10 simple step-by-step tutorial.

Whether you're a beginner tying your first knot or a highly-skilled veteran, this original macrame feather design will look lovely in any home!


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Bochiknot Macrame feather pattern

If you want to improve your knotting skills, you can check out our Bochiknot Macramé community.

This is a great way to learn new skills, get access to exclusive patterns and tutorials, and learn from other macramé masters.

As a member, you'll also learn how to create your own designs, which is a great way of turning your dreams into macramé masterpieces.

What is a Macrame Feather and Why Might You Want to Make One?

A macrame feather is a decorative element used in various macrame projects. The most popular use for macrame feathers is as an accent in wall hangings, but they can also be used in other ways, such as on jewelry or as part of a furniture piece. Macrame feathers are made by knotting cords/ropes in a certain way to create a “feather” shape.

Macrame feathers can be made in any color, which makes them very versatile.

You can use multiple colors to design a colorful macrame feather wall hanging or use a single color for a more subdued look. If you want to add some texture to your project, you can use feathers made from different materials, such as wool or cotton.

Macrame feathers are a great way to add some interest to any macrame project. If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your home or office, consider making a macrame feather wall hanging.

Also, Macrame feathers make for a great personalized heartfelt gift!

Okay, let's get to it!

This project should take 25-40 minutes, depending on your skill level.


Cord & Supplies 

To create this macrame feather pattern, you will need the following: 

You can find all the cords and supplies you need in our shop. I used a 3mm single-strand cord in our Natural Shimmer color.

Size of Macrame Feather

This design uses approximately 9" wide and 15" long per feather.

How Much Cord do you need for DIY Macrame Feathers?

The total length of cord needed will be 640"

If you want to make a larger macrame feather, you will need more cordage. I would recommend buying at least 1 roll of cord to DIY macrame feathers.

Suggested Cord Lengths:

  • 6 x 225cm (88")
  • 8 x 35cm (14")

Macrame Knots To Know:

  • Reverse Lark's Head knot & Lark's Head Knot
  • Double Half Hitch ("DHH")
  • Square knot

These are commonly-used knots that you'll find in the majority of macrame.

If unfamiliar with these basic knots be sure to grab a my free 50 Macramé Knots Ebook for an introduction to macrame knots and tying techniques to help improve your skills.

Begin Here: Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating The Large Feather Pattern

Step #1: 
Attach 6 x 225 cm strands of cord onto the dowel using Lark's Head knots. Pull cords tightly to secure it.
Fold the cord in half, place the loop end at the back of the dowel, and pull the cord ends through the loop.
Step #2: 
Start your first Double Diamond pattern with two upside-down V-shaped Double Half Hitch ("DHH") knot rows.
Starting with the middle two cording, make a diagonal DHH knot to the left side.
Continue to the left, using the remaining cording to make a row of diagonal DHH knots.
Use the top middle right cord as the anchor cord to repeat this to the right.
Create another row of DHH knots underneath, excluding the far left and far right cords.
Step #3: 
Make a Square knot with the middle 4 cords.
Use the middle two cords as anchor cords, weaving the two adjacent cords around them to make a Square knot.
Thread a bead through the middle 2 cords.
Repeat for a Square knot underneath.
Step #4: 
Close off the inner Diamond pattern with a V-shaped row of DHH knots.
Use the left inner anchor cord to make a row of diagonal DHH knots to the right.
Repeat on the right, mirroring what was done on the left.
Close off the inner Diamond with one more DHH in the center.
Step #5: 
Take a strand of 35cm cord and attach one onto the far-right and far-left cords with a Reverse Lark's Head knot.
Close the outer Diamond, repeating what you did to close the inner Diamond.
That completes the first Double Diamond pattern to your DIY macrame feather.
Step #6: 
Separate out the far-left and far-right long piece of cords and make a Double Diamond pattern with the middle group of cords.
Make the top half of the Double Diamond pattern.
Thread a bead through the middle two cording.
Close off the inner Diamond pattern and attach a 35cm cord to each side using a Lark's Head knot.
Close off the outer Diamond pattern.
Step #7: 
Repeat 2 more Double Diamond patterns below with 2 fewer cords every time.
Step #8: 
Trim off the excess fringe.
Step #9: 
Attach scraps or new strands of cord at approximately 35cm long onto the side loops of the feather using Reverse Lark's Head knots (2 or 3 knots per loop).
If you run out of scrap cords, cut more sections of the cord at 35cm long.
Step #10: 
Trim, comb & brush through the strands and shape the fringe in feather shape-like pattern.
(Optional) You can use fabric stiffener or hair spray to keep the macrame feather shape intact.
You've now made your very own gorgeous DIY Bohemian home decor walling macrame feather.
We hope you enjoyed following along and that you now feel inspired to try making more DIY macrame feathers!
Large macrame feathers can be used to add a touch of personality to any project, and they are a great project for beginners who want to learn how to make macrame knots.
Making a macrame feather is a simple process that only requires a few supplies, tools, and a macrame cord. With some patience and practice, you'll be able to create beautiful macrame feathers to add flair to any project.
We hope you enjoyed following along and that you now feel confident enough to make your own.
Be sure to hang up your macrame feather and tag us in your photos on social media so we can admire your handy work. Happy knotting!

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Bochiknot Macrame feather pattern

For more macrame projects check out our other macrame tutorials. And don't forget to tag us in your photos on Instagram using #Bochiknot so we can see your beautiful creations!

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Feel free to leave me comments, I would love to hear from you.


Much love,


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