How I Used One Repetitive Knot To Create This Macrame Heart Wave Vine Pattern

The heart wave vine pattern is one of my macramé favorites!

This gorgeous, beginner-friendly pattern is perfect for making a lanyard, wristlet, or even headband and is easily incorporated into other projects.

It's also super easy since it only uses one knot - the double half hitch knot.

With love just around the corner, we will be incorporating some hearts into our macramé pieces, just in time for Valentine's day :)

If you're keen on trying out other vine-like patterns, check out our tutorial on the topic.

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Now on to the macrame heart wave pattern!

This project should take about 10 minutes, depending on your skill level.

Cord & Supplies

To create this pattern, you will need:


  • 3mm Cotton Cord
  • Dowel/stick to make the project from

Cord Lengths Needed

  • 2 x 200cm 

Creating The Heart Wave Vine Pattern

Step 1: Attach both cords to the dowel using lark's head knots.

Step 2: Make three diagonal double half hitch (DHH) knots, using the far left cord as the anchor cord.

Step 3: Make two DHH knots to the left, using the third cord from the left as an anchor cord. This forms the first part of the heart.

Step 4: Using the same anchor cord, facing it to the right, make one DHH.

Step 5: Use the same anchor cord, facing it to the left, and make a DHH to the left. This forms the top part of the heart pattern.

Step 6: Face the anchor cord to the right and make two DHH knots to the right.

Step 7: Make three DHH knots to the left using the far-right anchor cord. This forms the first curve of the wave pattern.

Step 8: Using the third cord from the right as an anchor cord, make two DHH to the right.

Step 9: Face the anchor cord to the left and make one DHH to the left.

Step 10: Face the anchor cord to the right and make one DHH to the right.

Step 11: Face the anchor cord to the left and make two DHH knots to the left.

Step 12: Make three DHH knots to the right using the far left anchor cord.

Repeat this pattern once more.

And that's a wrap!

Now you have a gorgeous macramé heart pattern to use in just about any design you can imagine.

If you need an extended design, repeat the pattern a few more times until it's long enough to meet your desired needs.


Much love,


The double half hitch knot is one of the six basic knots of macramé, one which most designs are built.

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