DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Diamond Pattern (Beginner-friendly)

How to macrame wall hanging

Hi Knotters!

Looking to get started on a macrame wall hanging?

I want to share with you a simple (beginner-friendly) elegant macrame wall hanging that is design you can create on your own. I will walk you through how you can make a beautiful wall hanging, even if you have never made one before.

The goal of this is lesson is to share with you my process on how I created this double diamond pattern wall hanging using three simple knots, one of which is used to make the entire double diamond part of the pattern. By knowing these simple knots, you can make several different macrame sequences and patterns; you’re only limited by your own imagination. For the purpose of this mini-macrame tutorial, I kept things short and simple.

What’s a girl’s best friend? Diamonds, of course! For me, personally, I really like diamond patterns on macrame, I tend to incorporate them a lot into all of my pieces because I just love the look of them!

If you would like to learn how to get started with macrame, start by learning the basic macrame knots and then play around with them to form sequences and patterns that you can use. The easiest way to do this is of course to learn through tutorials and pattern books out there! The double diamond wall hanging I will share with you is a pattern you can start with right away. All you need is a little bit of rope and a pinch of taking action. If you’re curious for some tips and tricks on how/what/where/when to get started with macrame, check out my 5 Fundamental Tips and Tricks to get Started With Macrame video here:

Below is an outline of how to create the Gemma double diamond macrame wall hanging.

Mandala Macrame Online Tutorial

Step 1: Macrame Materials & Supplies

Macrame Cord

Materials Needed:

  • 6″ to 12″ Wooden Dowel or Driftwood
  • Approximately 25 meters of 3mm Macrame Cotton Cord
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sharp Craft Scissors

Other than the wooden dowel and cotton cord, the above supplies should be readily available in your home. If you’re interested in some of the supplies and materials that Bochiknot offers, visit Bochiknot’s shop for more details.

Length of Cord:

Once you have some cord, we’re going to measure and cut 12 strands at 210 cm long.

Macrame Cord for Blog

Step 2: Macrame Knots & Patterns

Bochiknot Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

Part A

To begin creating the double diamond wall hanging pattern, we are going to start off by familiarizing ourselves with the three knots:

  • Lark’s Head knot
  • Double Half Hitch knot (Clove Hitch knot)
  • Barrel knot (Coil knot)

If you’re unfamiliar with these knots, you can check out my 50 Knots & Sennits video I posted on YouTube or get a FREE copy of the 50 Knots and Sennits Ebook download. 50 Knots & Sennit eBook

Part B

Once you have practiced the above knots a few times, we will start making the pattern. Typically the lark’s head knot is used to attach the cords onto a stick (dowel/driftwood) to start a macrame wall hanging. We will take all 12 strands and fold them each in half and attach them onto the dowel using the lark’s head knot. Once that is done, we will only use one knot, the double half hitch knot to make the double diamond pattern. To end off the macrame fringe at the end, we will add barrel knots to them.

Part C

The step by step video tutorial for this Macrame Gemma Diamond Wall Hanging Pattern is posted below. The video will guide you through my tying technique and will show you how I formed the diamond pattern. By the end of it, you should have the confidence to start on another macrame project and will be a big step ahead to crafting up your own beautiful macrame designs.


Difficulty Level:

The difficulty level that I give to this project is (5/10). This mandala macrame pattern requires knowing three knots but it does require knowing the double half hitch knot better than just a basic skill level. I would recommend practicing diagonal double half hitch knots a few times before you start on this pattern. For the average person looking to try to make this macrame piece, you should find this mini-project beginner-friendly.

Expected Time Duration:

The expected time duration for this Mandala Macrame Wall Hanging should roughly take about 1-2 hours. Again, depending on your macrame skill level, the time duration will vary.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking to get started with macrame, this macrame wall hanging diamond pattern is a great place to start. Learning the basic knots and knotting techniques to form sequences and patterns is an excellent starting point.

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