DIY Beginner-Friendly Macrame Wall Hanging (How to Incorporate Feathers to Your Project)

Hi knotters!

There’s a lot going on around the world these past several weeks and I really hope all of you are staying safe and healthy.

Like many of you, I’ve been at home social distancing.

During this time it can be really tough and keeping yourself busy is the best thing to do right now.

To take your mind off the constant news of this coronavirus, I’ve put together a step by step tutorial on how to create a feather macrame wall hanging.

If you have ever wanted to create your own macrame piece, this project is for you! Whether you are a new beginner or are a macrame veteran, this DIY project is fun to make and will look absolutely beautiful once finished and hung up.

This macrame project will require you to know how to make a Square knot and Double Half hitch knot. If you’re not familiar with these knots, you can download my FREE Macrame 50 Knots ebook or watch my macrame 50 knots video.

I would highly suggest you understand how to make these basic knots before getting started on this project.

Before we begin, you will need some materials.

For this macrame wall hanging project you will need to have 4mm single strand cotton cord and a wooden dowel or driftwood.

Feel free to browse our online store for macrame cord selection and supplies.

Macrame Supplies You Will Need For This Project

Length of Cord:

  • 40x200cm
  • 1x100cm

Large Feather Measurement:

  • 1 x 40-45 cm
  • 24 x 13-17cm

Nestled Mount Lark’s Head Knot

Take the 30-inch piece of driftwood or wooden dowel. (I’m using one that I found in my hometown at a park near a riverbank last year.)

*NOTE* Be sure to be aware of your state or provinces’ rules and regulations regarding government property.

Start by attaching the 40 x 200cm long strands of cord on to the dowel, using a Nestled Mount Lark’s Head knot. 

To create a Nestled Mount Lark’s Head Knot, start with one strand of cord, fold it in half, place the loop on to the back of the dowel, and pull the strand ends through.

This is a standard Lark’s Head Knot.

Then taking another strand of cord folded in half, make a Lark’s Head knot on top of Lark’s Head knot you just made. 

Nestled Mount Lark's Head Knot
Nestled Mount Lark’s Head Knot

Continue with the remaining 40 x 200cm strands of cord until all cords are attached to the dowel with the Nestled Mouth Lark’s Head knot. 

Securing Cord on to the Dowel

Securing Nestled Mount Lark's Head Knot on to a driftwood.
A row of Nestled Lark’s Head Knot

Once all the 200cm long strands are attached to the driftwood with the Nestled Mount Lark’s Head knot, take the 100cm strand of cord and place it horizontally right under the dowel.

We will begin to create a horizontal row of Double Half Hitch knots.

Start with the far left vertical strand of cord, make Double Half Hitch knots onto the horizontal anchor cord.

Continue this moving to the right until all vertical cords are attached on to the anchor cord with Double Half Hitch knots.

A row of Double Half Hitch Knots
A row of Double Half Hitch Knots

Once the horizontal row of Double Half Hitch knots is made, tuck in the anchor cords on the sides.

This is where you will secure your excess cord to the dowel.

Turn the project around, take the far left strand, and weave them through the loops on the dowel, until all the excess cord is tucked away in at the back.

Hiding Excess Cord
Hiding Excess Cord

Repeat on the right end.

Adding Macrame Feather to Your Wall Hanging

We will now add feathers to the top part of the wall hanging project.

Take the one strand of 40cm long cord and weave it through the hole in-between the Nestled Mount Lark’s Head knot.

How to Create a Feather Step-by-Step

Take two strands of the cord of approximately 13-17cm long, and make a square-knot as shown in the picture below.

The length of the cord used will be the size of the feather that you create.

Creating a macrame feather leaf pattern with a Square knot
Creating feather leaf on to a wall hanging

Take one strand of cord, folded in half, and place it underneath the anchor cords.

Next, fold the other strand in half, place it on top of the anchor cord, and weave the ends through the loop on each side, and pull to tighten the knot.

Alternate the sides on top and on the bottom for the next several Square knots.

Keep going with the Square knots until you have a total of 12 Square knots. 

12 square knots are equivalent to a BIG feather.

Fringing, Cutting, and Trimming the Feather

Once the 12 Square knots are made, fringe the feathers by combing through the cord.

Combing through the feather. Fringing technique
Fringing the feathers

I use a stainless steel macrame comb to brush through the cord. I find that it works the best then using a plastic-like comb. The strength and durability of the comb are KEY.

You can get yourself a proper stainless steel comb at

Then cut the fringed cord into the shape of a leaf or feather.

Shaping feather pattern
Cutting, shaping, and trimming feather pattern

Adding Large & Small Feathers to Your Wall Hanging

Repeat the process to add more feathers of different sizes.

As the one you just made is a considerably big feather, you can now try with a smaller one next to it.

To make a smaller feather, all you’ll need is one strand of the cord of approximately 30cm long.

Instead of tying on 12 Square knots as we did previously, we will tie between 8-10 Square knots.

You will need 18-20 strands of the cord of approximately 13-15cm long.

Once that is complete, repeat the same process for the fringing and shaping the feather.

Creating a smaller macrame feather
Creating a smaller macrame feather

Skipping a few Nestled Mount Lark’s Head knots, and continue adding a few large feathers and a few smaller feathers at the top of the wall hanging.

You can add as many feathers as you would like.

For this size of macrame wall hanging, I would recommend a total of 7 feathers combining large and smaller feathers. But again, it’s completely up to you and how many feathers you would like to add.

Get creative and use your imagination!

Once you have completed all the feathers, you can place the smaller feathers on top of the larger ones.

Then, use the comb to fringe them, tide the Fringe, and trim again if needed. 

Congratulations your feather macrame wall hanging is now complete!

This will look great in any room. I’ve decided to hang up mine in my living room, above my couch. But in all honesty, this will look good in any room.

Below is the video tutorial for this macrame feather wall hanging project.

I hope you enjoyed this macrame wall hanging tutorial. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them behind and let me know your thoughts 🙂

Until next time. Have fun macrame-ing!

Much love,


Bochiknot Macrame

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