Hot Line Bling: How to Make a Boho-Chic Macramé Phone Carrying Bag

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Bochiknot macrame boho-chic phone bag

DIY lovers and boho-style fans!

Ready to jump into a fun, creative adventure that blends cool knotting tricks with some free-spirited flair?

Well, you're in luck because today, we're going all-in on making our own DIY Boho-Chic Macrame Phone Bag.

In this easy-peasy guide, we'll be your trusty companions on this crafting escapade.

You'll learn the ropes (literally!) of weaving and knotting, and by the end of it, you'll have your very own boho-cool phone bag to show off.

Whether you're a pro at macrame or just getting started, this project is a fantastic way to add some bohemian vibes to your accessories.

So, grab your stuff, clear a spot, and let's dive into some macrame magic! 🌼✨

What is Macrame?

Before we begin let's understand a little bit about macrame and it's history.

Macrame is a popular and beautiful craft that involves knotting various cords together to create decorative and functional items. It's been around for centuries and has roots in various cultures, including Arabic, Chinese, and Indigenous American traditions.

The basic idea of macrame is to use different types of knots to create patterns and designs.

The knots are formed by crossing, looping, and tying cords in specific ways. You don't need special tools or equipment—just cords (usually made of cotton, jute, or other natural materials) and your hands!

Several common knots are used in macrame, including the Square Knot, the Double Half Hitch, and the Lark's Head knot. Combining these knots and varying their placement and direction allows you to create intricate and unique macrame designs.

Some popular items made with macrame include wall hangings, plant hangers, keychains, bracelets, and clothing.

You can experiment with different colors, textures, and cord thicknesses to add your personal touch to the creations.

Macrame is a fantastic way to unwind and be creative. It lets you make personalized gifts for friends and family or decorate your living space with beautiful handmade pieces.

You can quickly learn the basic knots with practice and patience and start making your macrame projects. Many tutorials and resources are available online to help you start and inspire your creativity!

Macrame is a fun and relaxing craft involving knots with cords to create lovely and artistic items. It's a great way to express yourself and add a touch of bohemian charm to your life!

Bochiknot macrame boho-chic phone bag DIY

Benefits of a Boho Macrame Mobile Phone Bag

Let's chat about the Boho Macramé Mobile Phone Bag – it's not just a style statement; it's a practical choice for various occasions.

Wearing it frees up your hands, making carrying your phone a breeze. Its unique Bohemian design adds a personal touch to any outfit, effortlessly combining fashion and convenience.

Whether you're strolling on the beach, grooving at a music fest, or just going about your day, this bag is your trusty sidekick, keeping your stuff handy and adding charming style to your look.

So, confidently rock it and enjoy the ease and flair it brings to your daily adventures!

  • Hands-Free Convenience: One of the primary benefits of a Boho Macramé Mobile Phone Bag is that it allows you to go hands-free. You can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag, freeing up your hands for other tasks, like shopping or simply enjoying a walk.
  • Fashionable Style: These bags are not just functional but also stylish. The Bohemian macramé design adds a unique and trendy touch to your outfit, enhancing your overall look. They are versatile and complement various fashion styles, from casual to boho chic.
  • Practical Storage: Despite their compact size, these bags offer practical storage for your cell phone. You may even be able to squeeze in a few small accessories like a card wallet or lip balm. 
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Macramé bags are typically lightweight, making them comfortable for extended periods. Whether exploring a new city, attending a music festival, or going on a day trip, you won't feel weighed down by your bag.
  • Unique and Handcrafted: Many Boho Macramé Mobile Phone Bags are handmade, which adds a personal and artisanal touch to your accessory collection. Each piece can be unique in design and craftsmanship, giving you a sense of owning something special.
  • Versatile for Various Occasions: These bags are versatile and suitable for various occasions. Whether heading to the beach, running errands, going to a summer picnic, or dressing up for a casual night out, a Boho Macramé Mobile Phone Bag can be a suitable and stylish choice.
  • Durability: Macramé bags are often crafted from durable materials, ensuring they can withstand regular use and wear. They are built to last, making them a practical investment.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Some macramé bags are made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, contributing to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.
  • Customization: If you have DIY skills or want to make your bag more unique, you can customize your Boho Macramé Mobile Phone Bag with additional embellishments, beads, or colors.

The Boho Macramé Mobile Phone Bag combines style, convenience, and practicality. It's a versatile accessory that suits different occasions, adding a Bohemian touch to your look while keeping your hands free to carry your essentials.

Macrame Knots You Need to Know to Make a Boho Macrame Mobile Phone Bag

Now let's get into it!

Getting familiar with macrame knots is essential for mastering the art of Macrame. For this project, you will need to know the following knots:

  • Lark's Head knot
  • Square knot
  • Half hitch knot
  • Overhand knot
  • Berry knot
  • 4-ply braid
  • Gathering knot 

The above knots are basic knots widely used in many macrame projects.

By learning popular knots like the lark's head knot, square knot, half hitch knot, overhand knot, berry knot,  4-ply braid, and gathering knot, you'll have a solid foundation for creating a wide range of macrame projects, including boho macrame phone bag.

  1. The Lark's Head Knot is a fundamental mounting knot for various projects. As a mounting knot, it provides a reliable and secure attachment point for your macrame design to a dowel, ring, or other supporting structure. This knot lets you easily hang cords onto your macrame creation, providing a stable foundation for further knotting and design elements.
  2. A Square knot is a common macrame knot formed by alternately crossing two cords over each other. It holds a significant role in macrame as an essential decorative knot. It is the foundation for numerous patterns and designs, independently and with other types of knots.
  3. The Half Hitch knot is fundamental and highly versatile in macrame. It is the building block for many intricate knot patterns, making it an essential technique for creating beautiful macrame designs.
  4. The Overhand Knot is an essential everyday knot used to make a knob in a cord, string, or rope. It helps tie items together, or it can be tied on a single cord-end to prevent the ends from fraying. 
  5. The Berry Knot, also known as the modern iteration of the vintage Square knot button, features a textured design formed by transforming Square knots into a charming berry-like shape. This stylish and decorative knot is widely used in contemporary macrame projects, adding a touch of elegance to your creations.
  6. The 4-ply Braid is a braiding technique that involves working with four strands of material, such as cords, to create a braided pattern. Each strand is woven over and under the others in a specific sequence to form a tight, interlocking pattern.
  7. The Gathering Knot is a wrapping knot, a finishing knot that gathers all cords together. Usually, you will see the gathering knot at the bottom of a macrame pattern.

Practice and repetition will help you become more confident in executing these knots, allowing you to explore more intricate patterns and designs.

I have compiled a FREE EBOOK guide, "50 Macrame Knots & Sennit Guide," that goes over step by step with pictures on how to make 50 different knots and sennits.

Bochiknot macrame knot ebook

This guide will assist you in learning the knots and provide insights into creating unique knot sequences and pattern designs.


Boho Macrame Mobile Phone Bag Cords and Materials

Bochiknot macrame cord

You will need a 3mm macrame cord, 1-2mm macrame string, beads, sequins, and feathers to make this boho macrame mobile phone bag. 

Choosing the cord

The most crucial material is the cord. Macrame cords can be made from various materials such as cotton, jute, or nylon, each offering a different texture and appearance. 

Choosing a soft, sturdy cord suitable for your desired fringe boho bag is essential, ensuring durability and functionality.

We used 3mm multi-ply cotton cord in a Sage Green and Autumn Redwood for this pattern. Any 3mm cotton cord in single strand or 3-ply will work well. We carry a similar line of cord that is soft and sturdy to work with, making it the perfect cord for all skill levels.

Here are the benefits of using our Rainbow Cord line:

  • Our Rainbow cotton cord line is certified 100% chemical-free and eco-friendly, made from recycled cotton materials.
  • Beautiful color offerings.
  • We love it because it's smooth, soft, and sturdy, making it easy to work with.

Other Supplies & Materials:

You will need the following materials to make your boho macrame mobile phone bag.

  • 1 x large hole bead
  • 1 x large whole sequin
  • 2 x feathers

Essential tools:

You will also need some essential tools:

Boho-Chic Macrame Phone Bag Details

Skill level:

  • Beginner

Completed size:

  • 7.5” (20cm) wide and 4.5” (12cm).

Completion time:

  • 1.5 to 3 hours depending on skill level

Materials Needed (for 1 unit):

Cotton lengths needed:

  • 1 x 100cm
  • 12 x 340cm
  • 24 x 16cm
  • 2 x 320 cm
  • 1 x 1mm cord @ 20 cm length

* Note: The cord lengths suggested here are based on the pattern using a 3mm Single Strand Cotton Cord and a 1-2 mm macrame string cord. Should you use a different size cord or cord from another brand, actual cord lengths may differ slightly and, therefore, should be adjusted accordingly. 

Important Macrame Terms for Beginners

Here are some helpful macrame terms you should know when following this pattern:

  1. Knots: The Macrame involves various knots, such as the Square knot, and double half hitch knot. Understanding these basic knot patterns creates the foundation of Macrame. Refer to the "Macrame Knots You Will Need to Know" section for the knots used in this pattern.
  2. Cords: Cords are the primary material used in Macrame. They are made of cotton, jute, nylon, or synthetic fibers. Macrame cords come in various thicknesses and colors.
  3. Fringe: Fringe refers to the loose ends of cords that hang down, adding a decorative element to beginner projects. The fringe can be left as is or trimmed to a desired length.
  4. Anchor cord: refers to the fixed cord or structure to which other cords are attached or knotted, providing stability and support to the design.
  5. Working cord: This is the cord that is actively used to create knots and patterns, manipulated and moved throughout the project to form the desired design.

Macrame Boho-Chic Phone Bag | Step-by-Step Pattern Instructions

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make the Boho Macrame Mobile Phone Bag


  • Place one strand of cord 100 cm long flat down horizontally.
  • Take a strand of cord 340 cm long, folded in half, and make a lark’s head knot onto the horizontal anchor cord.



  • Repeat this step 11 times until all 12 strands of 340 cm cords are attached to the horizontal cord using Lark’s Head Knots.


  • Make a square knot using the far left four cords.
  • Continue this process for five more square knots consecutively to the right.



  • Add an Alternating Square knot row underneath.


  • Repeat for another 42 alternating square knot rows for a total of 43 rows. 


  • Fold the bottom half up to meet the top.


  • Using a crochet hook, weave the anchor cord through one side of the fold, matching up the loops on both sides of the bag.



  • Once you have reached the end of the loops, take the cord end and weave it through to the inside of the bag, then flip the bag inside out. 


  • Weave the cord through the end loops once more and then close it off with two overhand knots.
  • Repeat the same pattern on the other side.


  • Once the pocket has been made, add two more rows of alternating square knots. 



  • Continue downwards following a V-shaped pattern with a series of alternating square knots until we have one square knot in the very last row. 


  • Measure 1.5 cm below the last row of V-shaped square knots and make one row of berry knots underneath. 


  • Measure another 1.5 cm below each berry knot, and make one row of square knots following a V-shaped pattern.


Step# 14

  • Within the space between the V-shaped alternating square knots and the berry knots, add a layer of fringe with Rya knots.
  • Using two strands of 16 cm cords, weave them through the first and third loops from the left, and then weave all four cord ends through the hole in between.


  • Repeat these fringe patterns across to the right side.



  • Trim and comb all the fringes. Make sure that the top layer is about four centimeters long, and then the bottom layer is about six centimeters.


  • Weave two 50cm long cords from the scrap cords pile on the left and right sides of the sixth row from the top in the middle.


  • With the cords, make a berry knot. But instead of finishing it with a square knot, weave the cords through the holes, two through the bottom, one through the left, and one through the right of the berry knot.


  • Then flipping the bag inside out, finish off with a square knot.
  • Take the two working cords and make a double overhand knot.
  • Cut off excess cords.

Step# 20

  • Take two strands of cord 320 cm long, and weave them through two holes on the side. 


Step # 21

  • Make a 4-ply braid. Continue until you have a long enough strap.



  • Once the bag strap is long enough, seal it on the other side by weaving it through the same two holes with Double Overhand knots.



  • Take another scrap cord of about 40 cm long and weave it through the front left loop,  thread a large bead through, and then weave the cord to the right.


  • With the two cord ends, make a Half Hitch knot and then thread a Sequin through. Then make an Alternating Half Hitch knot.



  • Attach 2 feathers to the cords with a Gathering knot using a strand 20 cm long 1mm cord as the working cord.


  • Leave a few inches of cord and then cut off the excess. Comb and trim the fringe.


DIY Macrame Boho-Chic Bag Pattern | Video Tutorial

Wrapping Up Our DIY Boho-Chic Macrame Phone Bag! 

In our DIY Boho-Chic Macrame Phone Bag, we've embarked on a creative journey that's not only been fun but also incredibly rewarding.

From selecting the perfect materials to learning intricate macrame knots, we've explored the world of bohemian-inspired design.

Now, as we wrap up this project, we're excited to showcase our finished phone bags, each a unique expression of individual style and craftsmanship. Join us as we take a final look at our creations and reflect on the skills we've honed along the way.

Whether you're an experienced DIY enthusiast or a beginner looking to add a touch of boho charm to your accessories, this series has been a delightful adventure.

Let's celebrate the artistry of macrame and the joy of crafting together!

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