Crafting a Macramé Keychain: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Bochiknot macrame keychain DIY pattern tutorial

Step right into our creative corner, where we're about to uncover the fascinating world of DIY macramé and delve into an exciting project: the captivating macramé keychain fishtail pattern.

If you've ever been amazed by the intricate knots and designs that can turn plain ropes into stunning artworks, get ready for something special.

Macramé, an ancient art of knotting, has made a comeback as a popular crafting trend, captivating both beginners and experienced crafters.

It's a blend of creativity and technique that's truly captivating.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the step-by-step process of making a fantastic fishtail keychain using macramé techniques.

Whether you're new to crafting or enjoy playing around with ropes and knots, this project offers a perfect chance to explore the world of macramé and craft something wonderfully distinct.

So, gather your materials, make some room for creativity, and let's embark on this DIY adventure to craft an impressive macramé keychain fishtail pattern.

You'll end up with a sense of achievement and a functional work of art that's truly beautiful.

Bochiknot macrame keychain Diy pattern tutorial

Benefits and Uses of DIY Macrame Keychain

The macrame fishtail keychain beautifully combines intricate artistry with practicality, making it a must-have accessory.

Crafted with skillful knotting techniques, it offers durability and style, ensuring your keys remain secure while adding an elegant touch to your everyday carry.

Here are some other detailed benefits of having a macramé fishtail Keychain.

  • Unique Aesthetic: Eye-catching mermaid or fishtail pattern adds a unique and creative touch to your keychain.
  • Variety in Design: Customize size, color, and length for personalized keychain variations.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Suitable for beginners to practice basic macrame knots while achieving an intricate look.
  • Quick to Make: Fast project completion compared to more complex macrame patterns.
  • Gifts and Favors: Ideal as personalized gifts for friends and family and serve as thoughtful party favors or wedding giveaways.
  • Crafting and Relaxation: Crafting offers relaxation and a sense of accomplishment.
  • Sustainable Materials: The use of recycled cotton materials promotes eco-friendliness.
  • Community Engagement: Connect with a crafting community through sharing on social media.
  • Skill Development: Enhance macrame skills by working on more intricate patterns.
  • Handmade Expression: Express creativity and personality through handmade keychains with sentimental value.

The macramé fishtail keychain isn't just a display of artistic skill – it's also a practical tool that smoothly blends beauty into your everyday routine.

The careful knots provide strength and a pleasing look, making sure your keys stay secure while adding a bit of elegance to your daily tasks.

Knots You Need to Know to DIY Macrame Fishtail Pattern Keychain

Gaining familiarity with macramé knots is crucial for becoming skilled in the art of macramé. In this project, you'll need to be acquainted with the following knots:

  • Larks Head Knot
  • Double Half Hitch Knot

These knots are fundamental and are widely used in various macramé projects.

By understanding well-known knots like the lark's head knot and the double half hitch knot, you'll establish a strong base for crafting a variety of macramé projects, including the Mermaid / Fishtail Pattern Keychain.

The Lark's Head Knot serves as a fundamental knot for attaching various elements in your projects. As a mounting knot, it offers a secure and dependable way to connect your macramé design to a dowel, ring, or other supporting structure.

This knot facilitates the easy addition of cords to your macramé creation, establishing a stable base for further knotting and design components.

The Double Half Hitch Knot is a basic yet versatile knot in macramé. It acts as a foundation for many intricate knot patterns, making it a vital technique for crafting intricate and captivating macramé designs.

If you need help making the knots above, click on the names to practice and familiarize yourself with the knots before starting this pattern.

Practice and repetition will help you become more confident in executing these knots, allowing you to explore more intricate patterns and designs.

I have compiled a free ebook guide, "50 Macrame Knots & Sennit Guide," that goes over step by step with pictures on how to make 50 different knots and sennits.

Bochiknot macrame knot ebook 

This guide will assist you in learning the knots and provide insights into creating unique knot sequences and pattern designs. 


    Macrame Fishtail Pattern DIY Cord & Materials

    Bochiknot macrame cord

    You will need a 3mm cotton cord (olive green color) and a swivel key ring for this pattern. 

    Choosing the cord

    To choose the right cord for your mermaid/fishtail pattern keychain macrame project, consider a soft and pliable material like cotton for a comfortable feel. 

    A thickness of around 3mm strikes a balance between structure and manageability. Pick a color that complements your design, and think about sustainability with recycled cotton options.

    If you're new to macrame, stick to readily available cords that fit your budget. Experiment with different textures and brands to find what suits your style.

    Ultimately, choose a cord that aligns with your project's purpose, be it decorative or functional, and resonates with your personal preferences but the cords that we used are what suits best for the craft because of the following reasons.

    For this pattern, I will be using 3mm single strand cotton cord in olive green color from our Rainbow cord line.

    • Our Rainbow cotton cord line is certified 100% chemical free and eco-friendly, as the cords are made from recycled cotton materials
    • Various sizes, types, and beautiful color offerings
    • We love the cords because they are smooth, soft, and sturdy, making them easy to work with 

    Other than macrame cord, you will need a swivel lobster clasp or a key ring to make this pattern.

    You can find swivel lobster clasps or key rings at your local crafts store on online on Amazon.

    DIY Macrame Keychain Fishtail Pattern Details

    Bochiknot macrame keychain

    Skill level:         

    • Beginner

      Materials Needed (for 1 unit):

        Cord lengths needed:

        • 3 x 100cm (40”)

        Completion Time:

        • 30 minutes to an hour depending on skill level
        Other Essential tools:

        ** Note: The cord lengths suggested here are based on the pattern using 3mm cotton cord. 

        Should you use a different size cord or cord from another brand, actual cord lengths may differ slightly and, therefore it will be adjusted accordingly.

        Important Macrame Terms for Beginners

        Here are some useful terms in macramé that you should be familiar with when following this pattern:

        • Knots: Macramé uses different types of knots, like the lark's head knot, square knot, and the double half hitch knot. Knowing these basic knot styles lays the groundwork for macramé.
        • Cords: Cords are the main materials used in macramé. They can be made from cotton, jute, nylon, or synthetic fibers. Macramé cords come in various colors and thicknesses.
        • Fringe: Fringe refers to the loose ends of cords that hang down, adding a decorative touch to beginner projects. You can leave the fringe as it is or trim it to your desired length. Learn more about fringe in our Ultimate Guide for Perfect Macrame Fringe
        • Anchor cord: This is the stable cord or structure to which other cords are attached or knotted. It provides stability and support to the design.
        • Working cord: This is the cord actively used to create knots and patterns. It's manipulated and moved throughout the project to shape the intended design.

          DIY a Macrame Mermaid / Fish Tail Pattern Keychain Step-By-Step Instructions.

          Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to make the macrame keychain fishtail pattern keychain: 

          Step 1: 

          • Fold each of the three 100cm long cords in half and attach all cords onto the bottom of the keyring using Lark’s head knots. 

          Step 2:

          • Begin on the left side by using the leftmost cord as an anchor for 2 diagonal Double Half Hitch knots to the right.
          • Mirror this on the right side. Then make one more Double Half Hitch knot to the left with the middle 2 cords.

           Step 3:

          • On the left side, create a diagonal double half-hitch knot to the right.


          Step 4:

          • With the middle left cord as the anchor cord, make two diagonal Double Half Hitch knots to the left.

          Step 5:

          • With the far-right 2 cords, make a Double Half Hitch knot to the right.
          • Then underneath, take the third cord from the right as an anchor cord for 2 Double Half Hitch knots to the right.


          Step 6:

          • Weave the middle four cords in a crisscross pattern. 


          Step 7:

          • Close off the diamond pattern on both sides by creating a row of double half-hitch knots towards the middle.

          Step 8:

          • Repeat Steps 3-5 for the smaller diagonal rows on both sides and the start of the next diamond pattern, creating an upside-down V.

          Step 9: 

          • Repeat the same criss-cross weave with the middle 4 cords. Then close off the Diamond and repeat steps 7 to 8 again.


          Step 10:

          • Trim and comb through the fringe into a mermaid tail. Your Macrame keychain is complete! 

          How to Create a Macrame Keychain In 10 Simple Steps (FISH TAIL) | Video Tutorial Guide

          Wrapping Up How to DIY a Macrame Mermaid / Fishtail Pattern Keychain

          As we near the end of this creative journey, imagine yourself fully engaged in the art of crafting a Macramé keychain embellished with a mermaid or fishtail pattern.

          With each knot you tie, you're painting a picture of your imagination, infusing ordinary cords with your creative essence. Whether you're taking your first steps into macramé or you're well-versed in knotting, let the chosen cord be an extension of your artistic expression.

          And as you add the final touches to your keychain, you're not just holding a useful craft piece; you're holding evidence of your skill to transform basic materials into an artwork.

          Take pride in the feeling of accomplishment that arises from shaping simple cords into a complex design that's uniquely yours.

          May this keychain always remind you of the pleasure of creating and the boundless potential that rests in your creative hands.

          Check out more of our macrame keychain tutorials

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