10 Steps to Turn a Clove Hitch Knot Pattern Into a Macrame Keychain

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I love good floral designs, and Berry knots add a unique pop to them.

This keychain pattern is based on one of my favorite patterns that I usually use in wall hangings and other large designs.

I see it as one of the ultimate tools in my knotting arsenal.

This Double Half Hitch floral pattern with its Berry knot is super versatile. You can incorporate it into any other project, as I've shown here.

This time, I've incorporated it into a keychain.

Since there are so many similar patterns available, I challenged myself to make this one unique.

After all, we want to stand out, don't we? So, instead of attaching all the cords to the keyring in one go, I've staggered them a bit, making this keychain more elegant.

If you've gotten the hang of the Double Half Hitch knot, you'll likely find this pattern super easy to create.

If you're still learning to master this knot, why not try out some of our other patterns to perfect it?

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It's a super-easy way to fast-track your macramé skillset from beginner to macramé master.

We also share tips and guidelines for your own designs, incorporating your inspirations and other pattern snippets in these masterpieces.

This project should take about 15 minutes, depending on your skill level.

Cord & Supplies

To create this pattern, you will need:


  • 3mm cotton cord
  • 1 x swivel lobster clasp/keyring

You can find all the cords and supplies you need in our shop. I used 3mm Rainbow cord in Sage color.

Cord Lengths

  • 5 x 100cm (78”)

Creating The Floral Berry Knot Keychain Pattern

Step #1: Take one 150 cm cord folded in half and attach it to the bottom of the lobster clasp with a Reverse Lark's Head knot.


Step #2: Make a diagonal Double Half Hitch ("DHH") knot to the left.


Step #3: Attach another strand onto the left cord with a Reverse Lark's Head Plus Half Hitch ("RLHPHH") knot.


Repeat on the right side.


Step #4: Make 2 diagonal DHH knots to the left on the right side.


Repeat this on the right.


Close off with one more DHH knot in the middle.


Step #5: Attach another strand of cord onto the top left cord with an RLHPHH knot.


Make 2 DHH knots to the right using the same anchor cord.


Step #6: With the middle left cord, make 2 diagonal DHH knots to the left.


Step #7: Repeat on the right side, mirroring the left.




Step #8: Make a Berry knot with the middle 4 cords.

Make three consecutive Square knots.


Weave the middle two cords through the hole above the first Square knot, pulling it tight.


Make one more Square knot underneath.


Step #9: Close off the bottom with a v-shaped DHH knot pattern.



Step #10: Trim the fringe.



And there you have a gorgeous floral berry knot keychain. Did you enjoy creating it? Let us know on Instagram :)


Much love,


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