5 IMPORTANT Fringe Tips You Need to Know


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Have you ever created an absolute macramé masterpiece, only to have it look sloppy when the fringe acts all weird?

We've all been there, and it sucks. We compiled these five #FringeTips to help you get that fringe just right.

If your project calls for a messy fringe, that's fine. Sometimes, however, it needs a nice, crisp fringe that remains perfectly straight, even after shipping.

That's what these #FringeTips are for.

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With that, let's dive into the 5 important fringe tips :)

#FringeTip 1: Prep

Prepping your fringe is essential if you want a neat, clean-cut fringe. This step also saves lots of time later on, so it's well worth investing a few minutes in doing it well.

Prep the fringe by cutting off long strands of excess cords.

Unravel individual strands if you're using 3-ply cord.


Ideally, you want about 1 – 1 ½ "cord left in your fringe.

#FringeTip 2: Straighten

Macramé cord tends to form crimps and kinks, especially if you're using scraps lying in a drawer for a while.

Getting these neat when creating a fringe can be a mission if you don't know how to.

To straighten out curly or crimped fringe, use a steamer to steam the fibers. You can also use a hair straightener.


Steaming makes the fringe look fluffier and straighter. Comb the fringe as you go, ensuring that it stays nice and straight.


#FringeTip 3: Brush

Before shaping the fringe, comb, and brush through the fibers thoroughly.


Be sure to comb through the entire fringe carefully, starting right underneath the bottom knots and working your way through to the ends.

If you're using a high-quality fringe comb, you should be able to do this fairly quickly, with just a few strokes. 

This is what the fringe should look like after brushing and before shaping:


#FringeTip 4: Shape

There are a few different ways to shape macramé fringes.

You can do it freehand if you like, although this can go wrong quickly if you don't have experience doing it that way.

I find that the easiest and most precise way to shape a fringe is to use markers, like tape or a ruler, to indicate where you should cut.

Use tape as markers to hold down the fringe and shape along the edge of the tape for a clean-looking fringe.



Cutting the fringe in this way helps create clean, sharp corners. You can also use the tape to align fringe lines in symmetrical designs.


#FringeTip 5: Stiffen

To help the fringe hold its shape, use fabric stiffener or hairspray. I prefer using a strong-hold hairspray.


This step ensures that the fringe stays nice and crisp, even after shipping.

Continue shaping and brushing the fringe as you spray, ensuring that it's perfect.



There you have it! You can create the perfect fringe, too :) What's your favorite #FringeTip? Share with us on Instagram.





Much love,

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