10 Steps to Macrame Heart-Wave Pattern Wristlet (Video Lesson)

Bochiknot Macame Heart Wave Pattern

We're sharing the spirit of Valentine's and Galentine's all through this #LoveMonth by creating tons of heart-shaped patterns.

Two weeks ago, we learned to make a heart-shaped vine pattern using only half hitch knots. This can be incorporated into so many designs!

We're thinking wall hanging layers, plant hanger posts, lanyards, wristlets, and basically anything you can imagine.

The cool thing with this pattern is that you can lengthen or shorten the design to suit your needs.

Today, we're applying that pattern to create a super functional keychain wristlet. We round off the wristlet by closing it up with a gathering knot.

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You don't have to buy tons of supplies before you're sure that you like macramé :) And the best part?

You're creating something gorgeous to add dimension to your space.

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This project should take about 10 minutes, depending on your skill level.

Cord & Supplies

To create this pattern, you will need:


  • 3mm Cord
  • Swivel Keyring

All the cord you need is available in our shop. I used 3mm single-strand cotton cord in Rose Gold, but you can also use 4mm cord. This would make your wristlet slightly thicker and longer.

Because I'm only using two strands of cord, I used a swivel keyring with a small hole at the bottom.

If you're using more strands in your project, opt for a keyring with a D-ring hole at the bottom. This offers more space to attach the cords.

Cord Lengths Needed

  • 2 x 450cm (177”)

Creating The Heart Wave Pattern Wristlet

Step 1: Fold both 450 cm strands of cord in half and attach them one by one onto the bottom of the keyring using Lark's Head knots.


Step 2: Secure the keyring to your workstation using tape. Skip an inch to an inch and a half downwards and make a row of diagonal Double Half Hitch knots ("DHH") to the right with the far-left cord as anchor cord.

 Step 3: Take the second cord from the right as an anchor cord for 2 DHH knots to the left. Then make one DHH knot to the right.


Step 4: Make one DHH knot to the left and then 2 DHH knots to the right.


Step 5: Attach all vertical cords one by one onto the far-right anchor cord using DHH knots. 

Step 6: Make a Heart pattern to the right side.


Step 7: Make 11 more alternating Heart patterns. 

Step 8: Fold the bottom of the pattern and then cut off a strand of cord at the bottom at approximately 60 cm long.


Step 9: Use the 60 cm cord to make a Gathering knot holding the fold together at the top.


 Step 10: Cut off all excess cords to neaten the design.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed this project and that you learned something helpful today. Maybe it's the heart wave vine pattern or how to close off any project using a gathering knot. 



Much love,

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