The Most Versatile Macrame Pattern You'll Ever Make

Bochiknot Macrame Most Versatile Macrame Pattern

We love macramé as art and a form of meditation, and we love using this into something functional.

That's why we designed this versatile macramé strap. You can use this strap for many different purposes: a bag strap, yoga mat holder, dog leash, and whatever else you can think of.

Why not turn your gorgeous macramé clutch bag into a cross-body bag?

This versatility is one of the many things I love about macramé.

You can take a simple macramé design and use it in many different places. It's amazing!

Today's pattern is beginner-friendly, using only three knots: the lark's head knot, square knot, and gathering knot.

Here's how I used this strap in three different ways: Attach it onto a clutch bag.

I used a macramé bag that already had D-rings attached to it, so I just clipped the lobster clasps onto there.

If your bag doesn't have D-rings, you can attach the lobster clasps straight onto the bag, as long as the design has holes in it. 

To use it as a yoga mat holder, I looped one end of the strap around my yoga mat and clipped the lobster clasp into the strap itself to secure the mat.

Repeat this on the other side, and voila!

For a dog leash, loop one end of the strap bag on itself and attach the lobster clasp to the strap.

This forms a loop for your hand. Attach the other end to your dog's collar, and off you go :)

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This project should take about 10-30 minutes, depending on your skill level.

Cord & Supplies

To create this pattern, you will need:


  • 3mm Cord
  • 2 x Swivel Lobster Clasps

Cord Lengths Needed

  • 2 x 650cm (256”)

Total strap length: 46"

I used 3mm cord from our Natural Cord line.

Creating The Macramé Bag Strap

Step 1: You will need 2 strands of cord at 255" (650 cm) long.


 Step 2: At one end of one cord, measure 60" (150cm) long and make a loop there. Take the loop and attach it onto a lobster clasp with a Lark's Head knot. The shorter end of the cord should be on the right.



Step 3: Repeat the same to the right, mirroring what we had done on the left. The middle two cord ends should be 60" (150cm) long.


Step 4: Skip 1.5" downwards and make a series of consecutive Square knots.



Step 5: Make 2 Vertical Lark's Head knots with the outer 2 cords onto the second lobster clasp. Make sure there is 1.5" of space in-between the last Square knot and the Lark's Head knots.





Step 6: Take a strand of cord 20" (50cm) long and make a Gathering knot on the gap. Repeat on the other side.


Cut off the excess cord.


And there you have it! A super functional, versatile macramé strap to use just about anywhere.

Where did you use yours? Let me know in the comments :)



Much love,


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