5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
Macrame Bundle+Cord+Rope+Colored+Yarn+Craft Supplies+Knotting+Art Material+Wall Hanging+Plant Hanger
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
Bochiknot Macrame - Single Strand Rainbow (natural)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
Macrame+Cotton Cord+Rope+Knotting+Yarn+String+Wall Hanging+Plant Hanger+Siliver Fox
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)
5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)

5mm Single Strand Twist (165yds)

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Please note you may mix and match sizes (3mm, 4mm, and 5mm), colors, and types (single strand / 3-ply) for the code as well!

Welcome to Bochiknot's Macrame Rainbow Cord line.

The rainbow line consists of all of the brilliant and vibrant colors you will find in a rainbow, and everything in-between.

We carry a range of colors from your standard natural beige to squash and silver fox.

Choose your favorite color AND size to personalize your macrame designs and projects.

Mix-and-match colors AND sizes to create contrast and depth to your pieces.

Your creativity is boundless with the variety of options you have with our Rainbow line!

This is a beautiful, soft, single-strand twist cotton cord. The fibers are made from 100% recycled cotton materials.  The cord is perfect for making wall hangings, plant hangers, macrame fashion accessories, and all types of projects.

*Please note that the natural single-strand cord from the Rainbow line is made from different materials and is of a different shade compared to the natural cord from the Foundation line.*

Rainbow Cord Background 

Our cord is sold by weight and not length, so there will be some variation in lengths depending on the actual thickness of the rope in each batch.

Attention: Please note the Rainbow macrame cord is made from 100% recycled cotton materials which means that it is environmentally friendly.

As it is made from recycled cotton, you will often see small specks of the recycled materials throughout certain colors of the cord, which enhances the color and beauty of the cord.

Furthermore, please note the 1kg rolls are spun from larger rolls in our facility and when the larger rolls run out of cord to spin a full 1kg roll, the cords are tied together to complete the 1kg roll.

Our top priority is to ensure every roll has consistent weighting at 1kg per roll so that there is no shortage of cord. With that said, some rolls will often be hand-wrapped towards the end to ensure the roll is equivalent to 1kg.

Recommended Macrame Projects

  • With 165 yards of cord, you can make various macrame projects. We recommend trying out our popular Handbag Pattern

• One roll is equal to approximately 150 meters (164 yards/500 feet)

• Actual cord length may differ +/- 10%

• The cord measures 5mm in size when twisted and 6mm when untwisted.

• Made of 100% dyed recycled cotton materials.

• The cord is soft and easy to macrame and comb through.

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