My Top 5 Super-Useful Macramé Tips When Making Projects | What You Should Know Before You Macramé

My Top 5 Super-Useful Macrame Tips When Making Projects | What You Should Know

Hi macramé lovers and knotters!

Many of you who are reading this may already enjoy this craft we call macrame, but what if I told you there are some helpful tips that could make this craft more efficient and more fun? 

After years of doing this craft, I wanted to share with you my top five tips I found super helpful on how to make macramé a little more efficient and effective. The less you have to re-knot or start over, the better, am I right?

These tips may not be groundbreaking new information, but they have definitely helped me out throughout the macrame making process.

The materials used in this video can be found on Amazon, Etsy, and our online store at

I’ve used a super soft, high-quality, natural single-strand cotton cord from my Foundation cord line in this tutorial to demonstrate these tips. 

Let me know if you find any of these tips helpful or if you have any other macrame tips you find useful when creating your own projects. I would love to hear them!

My Top 5 Super-Useful Macrame Tips When Making Projects | What You Should Know

1. Organize Your Cords

Organize your cords before tying them, and make sure they fit onto the dowel, driftwood, ring, or whatever object you’re attaching them to.

When I know the width of cord I want to use, I will cut two cords at a time and attach them to the dowel to make sure that they will all fit properly. The cords should fit the majority of the dowel with some space on both ends. This will ensure you don’t over-cut cords and waste them.

Usually, you can calculate how many cords you will need for your projects after knowing the size of cord and length of dowel you are using. Oftentimes you won’t know if they will actually fit until you attach them onto the dowel / object. 

If I plan to use many square knots in my projects, I will need groups of four vertical cords. This translates as groups of two cords folded in half attached onto the dowel.

Attach the cords onto your dowel /object to see how many cords you will need. As you can see below, I have attached 2 strands of cord onto the dowel using Lark’s Head knots. Continue with 2 cords at a time to see how many cords will fit nicely onto the dowel


As for determining the length of cords you will need for your project, I have a tutorial that explains  Bochiknot Macrame’s Golden Ratio to help you with that process here.

2. Make Sure Beads Fit

If you are planning to incorporate beads into your macrame project, a helpful tip before starting your project is to ensure that the cords you plan to use fits through the holes of the beads you plan to use.

The actual thickness of your cord will vary slightly depending on the brand and size of the cord you’re using.

This means that not all 3mm cords are actually 3mm thick, so some of brands of cording may not fit the 3mm bead hole you’re using.

To make it easier to thread cords through the beads, tape the cord ends, making it strong and sturdy to weave the cords through the holes.

Large hole beads are often hard to find. We have a selection of pearl , metal spacer and wooden large hole beads you can find on

3. Tape or Knot Cord Ends

If you are using 3-ply cord or single strand cord that unravels easily at the ends, you may tape the cord ends or tie an overhand knot to prevent the cords from fraying while you’re working on a project.

Super soft cords that fray quickly makes it really difficult to macramé, especially if you are learning to macrame and have to un-knot and re-knot again and again. Taping or knotting them makes things easier while you’re working on your project.

To tape the cords, use regular sticky tape. To tie the cords, use an overhand knot.

4. Group Long Cord Ends

When you’re using super long cords for a project, it can get fairly frustrating to work with all the cords getting tangled with each other.

To get around this, roll up groups of cord and tie them together with an elastic band. Release them as you go along. This only really works when you’re using several cords at a time to make a knot, as you would in a larger project to make a large half-knot spiral.

In this case, you would use four cords as one cord. I have an example of this in the swing tutorial I did a while back.

To get this right, roll the individual cord or group of cords around your hand and tie them up with an elastic band. As the project progresses, loosen sections of cord from the elastic band, or untie them completely.

5. Use Spacer to Line Up Knots

This one is a neat knotting trick. To make sure you have nice, neat knots that align, use a spacer between the knot patterns to make sure there is consistent spacing between them. 

For this example, I am making two side-by-side square knots, then skipping a bit of space, and adding another set of square knots. As for what you can use as a spacer, I placed a piece of tape right underneath the first set of square knots and then started my second set of Square knots right under it.

The size of your spacer depends on how much space you want to leave in your design.

Depending on the desired spacing, you could use a thinner piece of tape, cut to the desired size or add on another piece of tape to have a thicker space. Once you’re done, take the tape off and see how well your knots align.

Alternatively, use a measuring tape, ruler, cardboard cut-out or anything else that has the spacing you want will work as well, instead of tape. You can weave these items in between some of the cords before making the next set of knots. 

Bonus Tip

When you’re buying cord for your macramé projects, look for a super soft cord that still holds its structure well. This ensures that it doesn’t unravel too easily, which would make it very difficult to macramé. Our cording from the Foundation line is just that. It is not only soft, but sturdy, which makes it perfect for learning macrame. You can check out the various sizes at the Bochiknot Shop.

Video Tutorial

That’s a wrap! I hope you guys found these tips and tricks helpful and can apply them to your work. 

If you’re interested in more intermediate and advanced tricks and tips or pattern tutorials, check out my additional weekly tutorial on Patreon

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Below are a few DIY beginner macrame projects or helpful guides.


Practice is key! The more patterns you make, the sooner you will get to designing and creating your own macrame.


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