How To Macrame A Wall Hanging Piece

How to macrame wedding wall hanging

Calling all Macrame Enthusiasts!

If you’re new to the realm of macrame, you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed by all of the beautiful macrame wall hanging pieces that you see online. Well at least for me, that’s how I felt when I first started on my macrame journey.

Macrame wall haning

When I browsed Instagram and Pinterest, I fell in love with all the beautifully designed home decor macrame pieces from many different artists. I would think to myself, “WOW! Can I make that too?”

At first, it may look intimidating to see such an elegant design and masterpiece and think to yourself that you’re not capable of creating a work of art like that. Today, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – you CAN make it, and I am going to show you how to make the Willow Wall Hanging pictured above.

Step 1: Macrame Materials and Supplies

Materials Needed:

  • “30-35” Wooden Dowel or Driftwood
  • Approximately 200 meters of 4mm Macrame Cotton Cord
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Comb

Other than the wooden dowel and cotton cord, the above supplies should be readily available in your home. If you’re interested in the supplies I offer, please visit Bochiknot’s shop for more details.

Lengths of Cord:

  • 50 x 320 cm macrame cotton cord
  • 1 x 300 cm Macrame cotton cord.

Step 2: Macrame Knots and Patterns

Part A

First and foremost, don’t get overwhelmed by the large piece and the intricate details. What we are going to do is focus on one section at a time.

What you want to do is start off by knowing the size of the macrame piece that you would like to make. For this piece the wall hanging will be pretty large. The approximate size for this project is width: 24.5″ and length: 31.5″.

I will be using a driftwood as the top base of the macrame piece. You can use pretty much any dowel/stick/rod you want to hang your macrame project on, but a wooden stick like driftwood or wooden dowel is the most commonly used.

You want to begin by tying larks heads knots spaced out across the dowel with the 300 cm cord. Then, attach all 50 320 cm cords onto the 300 cm cord using lark’s head knots. The knots that follow in this pattern are:

  • Square knot
  • Double half hitch knot (clove hitch)
  • Reverse clove hitch
  • Berry knot

If you’re unfamiliar with these knots, you can check out a video that I posted on YouTube or get a copy of the 50Knots and Sennits Ebook FREE to download. 50 Knots & Sennit eBook

Part B

I came up with a v-shaped pattern section starting off with square knots, then double half hitch knots, reverse half hitch knots, berry knots, double half hitch knots and again. Once you have made one section, you will be able to finish the repeated pattern for the other sections. When coming up with your own design, try coming up with a pattern in a small section and then repeat the pattern throughout until you form the desired pattern size you would like.

Part C

Once I finished my Willow wall hanging design, I incorporated feathers into the piece. You too can accessorize and add-on to your wall hanging with feather/flowers/beads or unique knots. The video tutorial for macrame feathers can be found here:


Difficulty Level:

The difficulty level for this project is 6/10. The knots and patterns used for this macrame project are fairly simple to tie once you have had some practice with these knots. If this is within one of your first five projects, I would recommend watching my 50 knots and sennits video and practice some smaller designs using the basic knots first. The challenge will come from the amount of time that you would need to knot such a large macrame piece. However, if you are new at macrame and feeling up for the challenge, definitely go ahead and start this piece as it is beginner-friendly.

Expected Time Duration:

Be sure to leave yourself with some extra time for this project. I took me approximately 5-6 hours, and depending on your skill level it might take you a bit longer. Therefore, budget your time appropriately for this project. The more intricate and detailed the design, the more time it will require.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I loved making this macrame wall hanging piece. My client told me she wanted boho and rustic with feathers and Willow, the wall hanging is what I created. It will be used for her wedding as a centerpiece to hang up the seating chart for guests. How lovely is that at the end of the wedding, she gets to take home the custom macrame wall hanging, and hang it up in her home as a reminder of her special day! The creative ideas with macrame are endless and I hope you too can unleash that creativity and make fiber art that you love <3

If you’re looking to see how I put this together in a step by step video and audio (english) format, you can check it out on my Bochiknot Patreon site. The video doesn’t show the feathers that I added on afterward, but I have many macrame ADD-ON videos – such as roses, other flowers, leafs, and feather macrame tutorials, some of which you can find on my Youtube channel at Bochiknot or in my exclusive community in Patreon.

If you’re interested in getting all the macrame ADD-ON video check out the SHOP online tutorials.

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Until next time! Much love,

Bochiknot Macrame

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