How to Macramé Boho-Chic Stylish Earrings Using 1 Simple Knot

Macrame Boho-chic earrings (1)

How to Macramé Boho-Chi Earrings Using 1 Knot
(10 Simple Steps)

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Welcome back knotters and macramé lovers to another Bochiknot DIY pattern tutorial! 


If you love the fashion and the Boho-chic look and style, you’re in for a treat today!


Today, I’ll be going over how to macramé boho-chic earrings by tying a simple macramé Pipa knot.


If you’re unfamiliar with this knot be sure to download my FREE Macrame 50 Knots eBook, or watch the tutorial on How to Tie a Pipa Knot on YouTube.


The macramé boho-chic earrings are designed to suit any occasion and go great with all outfits, especially spring/summer time wear. 


I personally love to wear them out with a long summer-time free-flowing dress.


It is easy and super fun to make and require minimal materials.


Without further ado, grab your cord and let’s get started!

Materials & Supplies For This Project


Length of Cord:

  • 2 x 50cm (20inches)

For my project, I used a rose-gold macramé cord from my Rainbow Color Cord line to attach onto the earring hooks. 

The earring hooks and metal rings I used were purchased from Amazon.


Alternatively, you can get a set of plain earring hooks and metal rings from your local craft or jewelry making store.


But I find that your best bet and the quickest way is through Amazon.


10 Steps to Creating Macramé Boho-Chic Earrings


Step 1

Take one of the hooks and use a plier to pry open the little hook (loop) at the bottom of it. This will allow you to place the metal ring through. 

Macrame Earrings


Step 2: 

Place the ring through the gap of the loop in the hook. Then, close the loop with the earring in it using the plier. Do the same to the remaining earring hook.


Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings


Step 3

Pick up a single ring and weave one of the 50cm cord through it. 


We will work with the front side of the earring so make sure to leave about 10-15 cm of space.


Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings


Step 4

Take the longer part of the cord and make a loop over the shorter one as shown in the picture below.


Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings



Step 5


Next, wrap the longer part behind the shorter one and through to the front.



Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings



Step 6


Follow the same loop from before and repeat the process 2-3 times before placing the longer part through the center.



Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings4



Step 7

Pull carefully on each section, one at a time to straighten up the loops within the knots. 


The goal is to make all the sections even and snug.



Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings5



Step 8

Next, turn the knot upside down and make a double Overhand knot using the two cord ends at the back. 


Resist the urge to pull the knot too tightly. Just make sure they are nice and snug.



Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings6



Step 9:


Use a pair of scissors to carefully cut off the excess cord ends. That’s it! You are done with the first side of the earring.



Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings7



Step 10: Repeat all the steps mentioned above on the second earring.



Macrame Pipa Knot How to make Macrame Earrings8


Once you have completed the second earring, you should now have a pair of macramé Boho-chic earring as seen in the picture above.


Congratulations, you have successfully completed making a pair of macramé boho-chic earrings.


I hope you enjoyed this macramé tutorial.



Video Tutorial

If you’re interested in learning how to make more macramé projects be sure to subscribe to the Bochiknot Macramé on YouTube.


Feel free to leave me any questions or comments in the comment section below.


And, if you have created your own pair of boho-chic macrame earrings, I’d love to see a picture of it. 


have fun knotting, much love!


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