🍂 3 Simple Ways to Make a Macrame Feather Pattern

How to make macrame feather patterns for wall hanging and plant hangers


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In today’s post, I would like to share how-to make a macrame feather.

We will going over 3 different ways on how you can make a macrame feather and it’s tying technique.

This is a beginner-friendly pattern anyone can follow along too and make.

I’ve also included a video tutorial that you can watch to will help guide you in making each feather.

I have added these feathers to all sort of projects I’ve made from cross-body bag to fashionable mini earring accessories.

I absolutely love how it looks.

Before getting started, it is best you know the knots we will be working with and how to tie them.


If you are unfamiliar with any of the knots used in today’s lesson, you can download my FREE 50 Macramé knot eBook, or watch my knot tutorials on YouTube.

I would highly recommend learning any many different types of knots as you can.

This will be extremely beneficial as you progress into creating your own patterns and designs.

Now, moving forward…

The first pattern that we will be learning how to make is a very popular and widely used feather pattern.

You will see these incorporated into many designs.

The second is a tassel feather, which is a spiral of half knots with a feather at the end of the tip.

The final pattern is a slight variation of the original feather pattern, which uses Square knots and Lark’s Head knots.

You can make these feathers in all shapes and sizes to have it go along with your projects.


By the end of this post, you will have all the knowledge and understanding on how to create these beautiful macrame feathers, so that you can apply them to where you see fit in your project and design.

Now, if ready, grab your macrame cord, scissors, put on your favorite background music and let’s get started!

Have fun and If you have any questions about creating these three different patterns, you can post them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you.


Bochiknot Macrame Feathers+Pattern+WallHanging+PlantHanger+Cord2
Skill Level: Beginner
Time Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Materials & Supplies

Bochiknot Macrame - Single Strand Rainbow (natural)

For this particular project you will need some macrame cord. I’ve gone with the 4mm Single Strand Cord (Natural) from my Rainbow line. Feel free to use whatever macrame cord you have on hand.

Below are the feather’s dimensions and cord length as follow:

Feather Pattern #1

(11cm width x 14cm height)

  • 1 x 40 cm strand

  • 14 x 13 cm to 15 cm strands


Feather Tassel Pattern #2

(11cm width x 26cm height)

  • 1 x 90 cm strand

  • 1 x 150 cm strand

  • 14 x 13 to 15 cm strands


Feather Pattern #3

(11cm width x 1 cm height)

  • 1 x 30 cm strand
  • 1 x 80 cm strand 
  • 8 x 13 cm to 15 cm strands

Feather Pattern #1

Step 1.


Take the first cord and fold it in half to make an overhand knot at the very top.


The loop at the end will form the feather handle.

3 Ways to Make Macrame Feather

Step 2.


Taking the other cords two at a time, fold them in half and weave them through each other’s loop.


Pull to tighten.

3 Ways to Make Macrame Feather1

Step 3.



Repeat step 2 with the remaining twelve cords, underneath the one we just completed.


If you are using this as a keychain or an earring, you may want to make an overhand knot with the two cords in the very middle at the bottom, so that the other cords don’t slide down.

3 Ways to Make Macrame Feather2

Step 4.




Comb through the side and bottom cords at their ends.

3 Ways to Make Macrame Feather3

Step 5.


Cut your cords into the shape of the feather to fit your needs.


If you aren’t good at freehand cutting, trace on a piece of paper the shape of your feather first and then put it on top of the cords to cut.


Keep combing and cutting until the feather is your desired shape.

3 Ways to Make Macrame Feather4

The finished product:

3 Ways to Make Macrame Feather5

Feather Tassel Pattern #2


Step 1.



Moving on to feather pattern #2.


Take the first cord, fold it in half to be the anchor cord.

3 Ways to make macrame feather pattern

Step 2.



Take the second cord, which we will use to create a half knot spiral.

3 Ways to make macrame feather pattern5

Step 3.


Keep going until you have made about twenty-five half knots.

3 Ways to make macrame feather pattern3

Step 4.



Next, take the set of fourteen shorter cords, and two at a time, create the same knots we did in the feather pattern #1 above.

3 Ways to make macrame feather pattern1

Step 5.




Take the middle two cords and make an overhand knot, so the feathers above are nice and secure.

3 Ways to make macrame feather pattern2

Step 6.





Cut and comb the cords, and keep going until you reach your desired feather shape and look.

3 Ways to make macrame feather pattern

Feather Pattern #3

Step 1.


Take the 30 cm cord as the anchor cord in the middle, and then use the 80 cm cord to make square knots. 

3 Ways to macrame feather3

Step 2.



Using the 80 cm cord we will start by making a half knot towards the top, leaving a little space to create the feather handle with the top loop.

3 Ways to macrame feather2

Step 3.



Then make a square knot, leaving two loops at the top (one on each side) before tightening.

3 Ways to macrame feather

Step 4.


Make three more square knot loops, so you have a total of four loops on each side.

3 Ways to macrame feather4

Step 5.



Take the smaller cords, and one by one, make a Lark’s Head knot through each of the loops.

3 Ways to macrame feather1

Step 6.




Cut and comb through the feather until you reach your desired shape. If you are having issues with your feathers falling down when they are hung up, spray fabric stiffener onto the cotton cords.


Alternatively, glue felt to the back of the feather.

3 Ways to macrame feather5



You have now completed the 3 macrame feather pattern.


Take this lesson to keep on practicing and learning how to create macrame feathers.


Mix and match these different types of feather and incorporate them into your own projects.


I hope you’ve enjoy this tutorial.


If you enjoyed this tutorial and would like to share you finished feather with me, you can tag me in the photo on instagram @bochiknot.


I would love to see your progression and provide you with feedback, if any.

Video Tutorial

If you’re interested in learning how to create more awesome macramé projects just like this one, be sure to check out the resources below.


Until next time, have fun knotting!



Below, are a few projects where I’ve made and used macrame feathers.


Draw in inspiration for these project to help you design and create your own macrame.


And don’t forget to follow me on YouTube to get the latest videos!

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