How To Macrame Keychain Using Only 2 Knots (Fishbone Pattern) A Quick & Simple DIY Craft Project

Hi, macramé lovers and knotters!

Today, I will share a quick and easy project with you, perfect for a lazy afternoon: a beginner-friendly keychain.

To look more polished, we’re accessorizing the keychain with beautiful beads.

It’s the ideal accessory to make your house keys, car keys, or desk keys a bit more personalized.

For this project, I used four lengths of 3mm single-strand cord in two colors. You can mix and match the colors as you like. To this, I added some beads, with a hole at least 3mm in diameter.

We only utilize one knot – the Square knot – in the pattern, so it’s super easy and really well-suited for first-time knotters.

If you aren’t familiar with this knot, I would highly suggest you download my FREE Macrame 50 knots guide, or you can check out the step-by-step video on my YouTube.

The entire project should take about 10 minutes, depending on your skill level. 

This post gives you a step-by-step guide to make this keychain. I also have a video tutorial at the bottom of the post that you can follow along too as well, If you prefer watching the process instead of reading.

I’ve listed all the materials I used here, as well as in the video. Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section. I’ll get back to you.

Now, if you’re ready to begin, let’s get started!

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Macramé Supplies You Will Need


·         3mm cotton cord

·         10 x Large hole beads (at least 3mm hole)

·         1 x Swivel keychain

Length of Cord:

·         3 x 80cm

·         1 x 50cm

Beginning the Macramé Beaded Keychain

Step 1: Hook your keychain onto a macramé hook, or any other secure object.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Take an 80cm strand of cord and fold it in half. Attach this to the keychain using a Lark’s Head knot.

Repeat this again twice with two more 80cm cords. You should have three cords attached to your keychain next to each other.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Body of Macrame Keychain

For the body of the keychain, we will only use the four middle cords to form a fishbone pattern.

Step 2: Set the far left and far right cords aside. Use the inner four cords to make a Square knot.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Step 3: Thread a large hole bead onto each of the far left and far right cords.

These two cords will now become your new working cords.

Move the second-to-left and second-to-right cords aside. The middle two cords remain constant in this process and will form the anchor cords for each knot.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Fishbone Pattern

Repeat steps 2 and 3 four more times. This will secure the beads threaded onto the cords in place and will form a beautiful square knot fishbone pattern.

At this point, you should have all 10 hole beads incorporated into your keychain. The design now looks like a zipper.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Ending of Macrame Keychain

Step 4: Take a 50cm cord (of a different color than the rest of your keychain) and make a Gathering knot to close off the bottom of the keychain.

Here’s how: take the end of the cord and make a loop of about 1-2cm long.

Place this onto the loose cords, just below where your fishbone pattern ends.

The short end of the loop should face upwards.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Holding the loop securely in place, wrap the long end of the cord around the cords forming the keychain, a few times.

Weave the long end through the loop that you made in the beginning and pull on the top end to tighten the knot. Cut off the excess cord at the top and bottom of the gathering knot.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

The bottom cords of your keychain are now firmly secured with a gathering knot, and you’re ready to do the final touches.

Step 5: Cut the fringe at the bottom of the keychain to your desired length. You can leave this fringe as-is, or you can comb it through.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Finishing Touches

To comb through the fringe, use the wider end of a macramé comb to unravel the cords in the fringe first.

Hold the body of the keychain onto the working surface securely with one hand while you do this.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Next, use the finer end of your macramé comb to make the strands in the tassel really fine.

Once you’re satisfied with how it looks, neaten the fringe again by trimming it with a pair of scissors.

Macrame Keychain Fishbone Pattern. How to DIY project. Keychain.

Congratulations! There you have it! A beautiful, easy macramé beaded keychain to add personality to your favorite bunch of keys.

Feel free to experiment with different color combinations and accessories.

Video Tutorial

If you have any questions, or if you enjoyed this macrame post, feel free to leave me your comments – I’d love to hear from you. Or tag me on Instagram @Bochiknot to share your work.

Until next time, have fun macramé-ing!

Much love,

Macrame instructor for beginner, intermediate, and advanced macrame

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