How to Macrame a Half Hitch Spiral Knot (Simple Step-by-Step Guide + Video Tutorial)

Bochiknot Macrame Knot Half Hitch Spiral Knot

So, why is knowing macrame knots important?

Knots are the building blocks of macrame.

They’re used to form patterns, create styles, and add a uniqueness of character to each project.
The knot that we choose and every knot we make will always be slightly different from the previous one.

Depending on our tying techniques and the strength of our hands, each knot we craft can hold a strong tight grip or have a loose flow to it.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with as many different knots as you can.

Because macrame is made up of sequences and patterns of knots, having a plethora of knots that you can use will set you apart from other artisans.

In this blog post, I will be touching on my macrame knot series by showcasing how to make a Half Hitch Spiral Knot.

I’ve used Half Hitch Spiral Knots many times before to form patterns, particularly when making bracelets.

If you’re curious about how to make a bracelet using a Half Hitch Spiral knots, I’ll leave a few links to some macrame projects at the bottom of the page.

But for today’s macrame lesson, we will just be focusing on how to create this knot.

How To Macrame Half Hitch Spiral Knot Step-by-Step

I will be walking you through on how to macrame 2 types of a Half Hitch Spiral knot.

The first one will be your basic knot that is commonly used, and the other variation will be geared toward those that would like a larger look.

Either way, each variation can be used for any type of macrame project or design.

Half Hitch Knot Variation #1

Step 1: Start by mounting a Lark’s Head Knot on to a wooden dowel.

Bochiknot Macrame knots Half Hitch

Step 2: Taking the two strands of cord, take the right cord and bring it over the left cord, and through the loop. Pull and tighten.

Step 3: Repeat this step several more times.

Step 4: After tying the half hitch knots a few times, you’ll begin to see a spiral pattern begin to form.

**Noteworthy Mention** The working cord (right cord) used to make the half hitch knot has to be longer than the anchor cord (left cord), otherwise you will quickly run out of the working cord.

**To measure the cord needed for the working cord, take the approximate length of the knot pattern that you would like to make and multiply it by 4.5

Half Hitch Knot Variation #2

For this particular Half Hitch Spiral knot, we will be making a thicker sized pattern. The same tying technique will be applied, except that instead of using one anchor cord, you will now be using three.

This will make for a much larger Half Hitch Spiral pattern.

By using this method to make a half hitch spiral knot you will need to double the length of the working cord to avoid having any shortcoming of rope.

Step 1: You will begin this time by mounting two Lark’s Head knot on to a either a wooden dowel or ring. For this example, I have used a wooden dowel again.

Bochiknot Macrame Knot Half Hitch Spiral Knot Pattern Step by step

Step 2: Now holding the three anchor cords in the left hand, take the right cord and bring it over all three of the anchor cord and under, through the loop and tighten.

Bochiknot Macrame Knots Half hitch Knots Patterns Step by step

Step 3: Once you have made several of these half hitch spiral knots, you will again begin to see the spiral pattern take shape.

Step 4: Congratulations! You have now completed a Half Hitch Spiral Knot.

If you’re looking to implement what you have learned, you can start creating macrame bracelets by checking out my blog post, DIY Macrame Bracelets.

Macrame Knot Half Hitch Spiral Video Tutorial

Below is a video guide on how to make a Half Hitch Spiral Knot. If for whatever reason you got lost or were confused, you can watch the video tutorial.

I hope this helps you out and adds to your tools of macrame knots. Below are a few links that you might be interested in to help further your macrame skills.

Have fun macrame-ing!

Until next time,

Nikki .W

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