How to Make a Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging Pattern

How to macrame rainbow wall hanging pattern

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I am excited to share with you a macrame rainbow pattern that I adore. If you’re interested in learning how to incorporate two different colored cords into a rainbow pattern, be sure to watch my video tutorial below.

If you are just getting started with macrame, this is a small project that can help you practice making macrame pieces using clove hitch knots while combining two different colors into a rainbow pattern. The rainbow pattern is intricate but simple. You can add on more colors if you like and come up with your own design once you get used to tying clove hitches.

Instead of a mini wall hanging (perfect for nursery decor), you can take the wooden dowel out and trim the fringe on the top and bottom and use the piece as a coaster.

Macrame Rainbow Pattern

Macrame Knots

The knots I used to make this macrame rainbow pattern were horizontal and vertical half hitch and double half hitch (clove hitch) knots. I also fringed the piece to give the small wall hanging a bit more character. If you’re unfamiliar with these knots, you can refer to my FREE 50 Knots & Sennits eBook or video tutorial on YouTube.

Macrame Cord/Rope

The macrame cord I used to make this pattern was a 3mm single strand cotton cord. If you would like to make a larger piece, I would recommend using 4mm or 5mm cord. If you go up a size, multiple the cord lengths needed by 25%. If you would like to use the same cord that I used, please check out the shop for all the materials.

Free Macrame Pattern to Practice

The pattern consists of several rows of half hitches and clove hitches, switching from vertical to horizontal to come up with the custom rainbow design.You can really advance your clove hitch knotting skills so that when you mix and match with other colors, you can come up with your own custom design. After you have tried the rainbow design, try making a heart, a star or even a letter in the middle.

If you’re interested in taking this macrame project one more step further I will be releasing a video on Patreon that will show you how to make a stunning macrame rainbow wall hanging.

If you’re interested in learning more unique and/or intricate advanced macrame designs and patterns, you can check out my Bochiknot Macrame Patreon. Here is where you will get access to a community of other macrame artists, get exclusive video tutorials, ebooks, discount on supplies, and direct access to me for any help or support that you need on your macrame journey. Join Me Here:

Hope you enjoyed this macrame tutorial! I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or would like more clarity on anything, be sure to reach out to me.

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