Macrame Air Plant Holder DIY

Learn How to Make a Macramé Air Plant Holder

Today we present a tutorial specially dedicated to plant-lovers!

If you’re one of those people with tons of tiny plants at home and not much space to keep them, this tutorial is for you! Be ready because today you’ll learn to make a macramé air plant holder, using five macramé knots.

With this beautiful hanger, you’ll be able to organize your indoor plants at any height you like and create a beautiful garden to liven up your house!

I’ll be taking you step by step on how to create this diy macrame plant hanger that you can make at the comfort of your own home.

Macrame Air Plant hanger Step-by-Step Instructions:

What knots will you need to make?

  • The triple-loop mount
  • Prusik knot
  • The half-hitch knot / the double half hitch knot
  • The square knot
  • And the gathering knot 

If you’re unfamiliar with any of these knots, please refer to my free Ultimate Macrame Knots Guide: 50 Macrame knots & Sennits Ebook. This is a free resource that I created to help macrame artists learn new knots and can constantly refer back too.

Macrame Materials:

Depending on your skill, you’ll need around one-two hours to finish it. The materials and type of macrame cord you will need for the plant hanger is listed below:

Length of Cord Needed:

Beginning Your Air Plant Holder DIY

This is a fairly easy macrame air plant holder pattern. Follow along with the step by step instructions, and watch the video tutorial to get more in-depth, but with a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to have an indoor pot holder in no time.

We begin with our first step, make triple-loop knots using the 160 cm long cords. Take three strands of 160 cm cords, fold each of them in half and align them together.

Then, taking the far-left cord and the far-right cord, make a square knot. Make sure to fix the three loops so they won’t be uneven or mounted on top of one another. You have now completed one Triple-loop knot! 

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Continue with the remaining 12 strands of cord at 160 cm long. In groups of three, make Triple-loop knots.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

If at any moment you are unfamiliar with the knots in this tutorial, you can refer to “the 350 knots and sennits’ ebook” or “the 50 knots and sennits’ tutorial” on Bochiknot Macrame’s Youtube channel for further details. 

Mounting the triple-loop knots

Once all five Triple-loop knots have been made, it’s time to mount them on to the 12 cm metal ring. 

This is one of the less complicated parts of our project, so you won’t have trouble doing it. Attach each triple-loop knot with double half-hitch knots onto the ring.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Start with the far-left cord and make a double half-hitch knot onto the ring. Then, continue attaching the knots to the right. Repeat the process with the remaining four Triple-Loop knots by attaching them to the ring.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Once all the Triple-loop knots have been mounted onto the ring, space them out evenly. In the spaces in between the triple loop knots, we will make the Prusik knot.

The Prusik knot

Take the 200 cm long cord and fold it in half. Attach it in the space between two triple-loop mount knots with a Prusik knot.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

To make the Prusik knot, start off by making a reverse Larks Head knot, and then continue wrapping the cord ends around the ring two more times. Pull-on the cords to tighten the knot up. 

With the cord ends facing upwards, start making an alternating half-hitch chain for a total of 48 half-hitches. Knot them carefully, using the same tension for each knot, so the pattern is even.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

After finishing the 48 half-hitches, you’ll need to repeat the process with the remaining four 200 centimeter cords on all four remaining spaces in between the Triple-loop knots. It may take a little while, but it’s a soothing and relaxing task, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Securing the top!

Once our 5 alternating half-hitch chains are ready, we can finally secure the top and start seeing the shape of our air plant holder unfold. As we have 5 loose chains, you may have already guessed what we’ll be using to secure them; the gathering knot we mentioned at the beginning.

To make the gathering knot, hold the alternating half-hitch chains upwards so that they are evenly balanced.

Then use a 50 cm strand of the cord as the working cord to make a gathering knot to join all the chains together at the top. Cut off the excess working cords once the knot has been made.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Once you’ve completed the gathering knot, you’ve then finished the top part of your air plant holder! It wasn’t that hard, was it? But the fun part is yet about to come, as we begin the bottom section of our project.

Next, the bottom part!

To start the bottom part, we’ll be taking two cords from each of two adjacent Triple-loop knots to make a square knot. A good starting point is to take the right-two cords from the left triple-loop knot, and the left-two cords from the right triple-loop knot. 

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Continue with four more consecutive square knots after the first square knot is made, and then repeat again with the next set of Triple-loop knots, by making another five consecutive square knots. In the end, you’ll have five columns of five consecutive square knot chains. Make sure the knots are even.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Back to alternating half-hitch chains

Taking the two cords in between two square knot chains, we will make an alternating half-hitch chain again. This time you’ll need 8 half-hitch knots in total.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Things here get a bit more complicated, so read the instructions carefully. We will now take two cords from two square knot chains and make a square knot with the alternating half hitch knot chain in the middle as anchor cords. Put simply, we will combine three chains with a square knot.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Pull-on the cords to tighten the knot and make sure you have used/tied the right strands of each chain (it’s easy to get tangled in this part, so make sure you check!). 

Continue on all the remaining sides, completing the alternating half hitch chains, and then combine the square knot and half hitch chains together using a square knot.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Holding it all up together

Once the pattern is complete, you’ll have to add another square knot underneath each square knot you had just made. Continue with this process underneath each square knot.

Knotting the holding end and securing it

In between two square knot chains (2 consecutive square knot chains), add another two consecutive square knots and repeat this pattern on all the remaining sides. 

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

With the two cords in between each of the double square knots, make an alternating half hitch knot chain for a total of four alternating half hitches. 

Attaching the bottom ring for security!

By this point, the plant holder is beginning to grab shape. Now you’ll only need to attach the bottom ring to secure and finish the holding basket, so it won’t unravel and drop your plant. 

Take the 7.5 cm metal ring and attach the pattern onto it. It’s as simple as placing each strand of cord inside the ring and attaching them one by one onto the ring using double half hitch knots. Continue until all vertical courts are attached to the ring.

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Finishing the bottom part: your air plant holder is ready!

Once all cords are attached, we will take the last strand of 70 cm cord and use it as a working cord for one last Gathering knot at the bottom. Hold up the plant hanger so that the cords are not scrunched up, and with a pair of scissors, trim the remainder of the working cord. 

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

Pull-on the cord ends to even out the knot, and move on to the very last step: cutting the fringe at the bottom to your desired length (a good idea is also to make some decorative knots in that section).

Easy cord plant hanger Macrame Project

You have now completed your air plant holder, and it’s ready to be used indoors, or wherever your heart desires. Whether it’s your kitchen, your living room, or whether you want to use it to carry a candle or flowers, this easy holder will give a fresh look to your space.

We also have plant hanger pattern PDF that you can download, macrame kits, and a library of DIY macrame plant hanger video tutorials on Youtube to cater to your desired style and look that you’re trying to achieve. You can learn more macrame at

Macrame Air Plant hanger Video Tutorial

I’ve also created a Youtube macrame plant holder tutorial as well. You can watch and follow along, and see exactly how I macrame the flower air pot hanger pattern.

On a side note, if you don’t have the 3mm macrame cord listed in the material section, you can also substitute the cord for other rope. String, twine, jute, and other rope materials can also be used.

If you do decide to use other rope material, you must take into consideration that the size and length will differ from projects.

And that concludes our macrame air plant holder tutorial, if you have any questions, leave me a comment in the comment section below. 

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. 

If you’re interested in creating the lotus flower found inside the macramé the intro of the video it is now available on Patreon.

Until next time,

Nicole. W

Bochiknot Macramé

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