Macrame Fringing: 3 Techniques You Should Know When Fraying Your Cord

Looking to add more character and appeal to your macrame projects?

Today, I’ll be sharing some nifty tricks on how to end or complete your macramé pieces, to give it more texture and features to have it really stand out.

If you’re continually struggling with finishing your projects, this is the tutorial you were looking for!

What is Macramé Fringing?

In case you don’t know what fringing is, I’ll start by explaining a bit what fringe-end is and what it can do for your projects!

Fringing is probably the most popular way to end a wall-hanging, plant holder, or other types of macramé projects.

It’s when you fray your cord-ends to give it a bushy look by brushing/combing through the ends. There are many different techniques that can be used to fringe out a cord, and I’ll be going over 3 ways.

The reason behind doing this is to give your project that free-flowing style. It’s a better-known way to complete a piece in my opinion.

Completing Your Project Technique 1: Combing Fringe

The first thing we’re going to go over is how to comb your fringe to give it a bit of texture.

You will need a durable steel comb for fringing.

I highly encourage you to get yourself a stainless steel comb if you plan on macrame-ing for a period of time. The benefit of owning a metal comb has not only saved me on time and money but makes unraveling rope-end a lot easier.

I would recommend this metal comb. This comb is made for macrame and is the one that I use.

But, if this is your first time trying, you can start with any durable comb with open teeth.

Now it’s time to fringe!

Single strand cord fringing

For a single-strand cord, straighten the fibers with the comb to get a nice, fluffy texture.

If you are interested in this french macramé comb, you can check it out HERE.

How to comb out macrame fringe

Straightening the fringe by combing it. It’s will be a lot easier if you use a single-strand cord, which I personally use for the majority of my projects.

let’s move on to a more difficult fringing piece!

Plied cord (3-4 ply) fringing

In case you use a plied cord, such as a 3-ply or 4-ply cord, unravel the individual strands before combing through the fringe.

how to fringe macrame cord

If you have a 3-ply cord, there should be three individual smaller strands that make up the principal strand. So, twist and unravel those strands first to avoid tangling. 

Once all the individual strands are unraveled, combing through the fringe will be as easy as with the single strand cord. Now it’s time to trim.

how to fray macrame cord

Completing Your Project Technique 2: Trimming

This is the second trick we’ll learn today. Before you trim any Fringe, make sure the cords are straightened out and not overlapping on one another, so they get an even cut. So, let’s see some ways to do it.

Freehand Cutting

The first way to trim the fringes is by freehand cutting. The result of this method will depend on how good you are at freehand cutting.

If you have more than enough, excess cord for the fringe, then you can try freehand cutting to get it to your desired shape.

macrame fringe trim

This method is ideal if the shape you’re trying to get is simple, such as a straight line-across or just two diagonal lines. With some practice, you’ll be able to get any v-shape you want with this freehand cutting method.

Cardboard Cutting

As freehand cutting might not always get you the best result, a good trick is to use a cardboard piece to cut a straight line. Make sure it is properly aligned, so you can get the clean line you’re looking for. Once aligned, place the cardboard on top of the piece, and cut along the cardboard edge’s line. 

By following that line, you’ll make sure you cut straight, and grant the best results on your fringe’s line.

macrame fringe trim

Trimming Shapes

To trim the fringe into a particular shape, cutting cardboard piece into that shape – let’s say a leaf – is a good idea.

Trimming Macrame Fringe
Trimming Macrame Fringe

With that cardboard shape on top of the macrame piece, follow the lines and trim along. You’ll have a leaf – or the shape you want – piece in minutes.

Completing Your Project Technique 3: Holding Fibers in Place

To hold the french fibers in place, and to prevent them from getting too messy when hung up, or from usage, you can use hairspray to hold the fibers in place and stiffen them up. You can also use fabric stiffener to have the same effect. 

All you need to do is spraying the fringe a few times, both sides, combing through it, and let it dry. Another way to hold the fringe in place is with a piece of felt fabric.

Cut the felt in the desired shape – this case the leaf we were using -, and attach it onto the macrame leaf using glue.

And that concludes our macramé tips and tricks tutorial on fringing! Give the best finish to all your macramé hangers!

Macrame Video Tutorial

Want to learn how I do my macramé Fringing? Below is the full video where I share my 3 techniques that you should know when it comes to fringing.

This concludes our macrame fringing lesson, if you have any questions, leave me a comment in the comment section below. 

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. 

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Until next time,

Nicole. W

Bochiknot Macramé

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