How to Macrame a Half Knot Spiral Knot (+ Video Tutorial)

Macrame Knots - how to make a macrame half knot spiral knot

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to another knot series tutorial. If you’re looking to learn more macrame knots to help you create more patterns and unique designs, you’re in the right place!

Once you understand all the different types of knots that you can create and begin to combine them together to form sequences you’ll be on your way to making beautiful macrame work of art.

If you haven’t had the chance to download my 50 Macrame knots ebook, be sure to get your hands on it because it will be extremely helpful to you when you need to reference a particular knot.

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Today, I will be going over how to make a Half Knot Spiral. This knot is great for tassels on wall hangings or for adding layers as well. It’s also widely used popular in plant hangers.

Macrame Knot - How to tie a Half Knot Spiral for macrame wall hanging and plant hangers.

How To Make a Half Knot Spiral Chain

As the name indicates, we will be making a series of Half Knots to form a spiral-like chain.

Step 1:

To begin you will need four vertical strands to make a Half Knot Spiral.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 1.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 1

Step 2:

Starting with the outer two cords – the far left and the far-right cord – make a Half Knot.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 2.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 2

Step 3:

Fold the left cord over to the right.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 3.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 3

Step 4:

Then take the right cord through the back, and pull it through on the left side.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 4.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 4

Step 5:

Pull-on the cord ends to tighten the knot.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 5.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 5

Step 6:

You have now made one right Half-Knot.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 6.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 6

Step 7:

Continue with the half knots starting with the same cord, for a series of several more continuous half knots.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 7.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 7

Step 8:

As you make these Half Knots, the chain will start to spiral. Congratulations! You have now completed a Half Knot Spiral.

Macrame Knot - Half Knot Spiral Step 8.
Half Knot Spiral – Step 8

If you want to make a left-facing Half Knot, start with the opposite cord.

You can do this by folding the right cord over to the left and then taking that left cord back and through on the right.

All you have to remember is that you’ll need four vertical strands to make a Half Knot.

You can also make a thicker Half Knot Spiral. To do that, all you need is more filler cords than the two that we have used.

The two working cords used to make these Half Knots have to be much longer than the filler cords in the middle, as those are the cords used to make the knots.

Once you have made several have knots, you can see the spiral-like shape form.

Macrame Half Knot Spiral Video Tutorial

Below is a video guide on how to make a Half Knot Spiral.

I hope you guys enjoy today’s knot tutorial if you have any other knots you would like to learn please let me know in the comments section below and I’ll see you guys next time.

Much love,

Nikki. W

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