How To Make A Macrame Square Coaster Using 2 Basic Knots (Beginner-Friendly DIY Project)

Hi knotters and macramé lovers!

Most of us love to keep coasters around the house not only because they help to protect our surfaces from scratches, spills, and other forms of damage, but because these little accessories also add beauty to our homes.

Now, imagine if you could make one of these small important pieces yourself, wouldn’t that be great? 

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a macrame square coaster.

If you are looking to get started on your first few macrame projects, this is a GREAT project to start with.

The pattern is made using two of the most popular macramé knots – the Double Half Hitch knot and the Square knot.

If you are unfamiliar with these knots and how to tie them, I have a Macrame 50 Knot Guide that you can download for FREE.

I would highly recommend you learn these knots, along with some of the other basic knots before jumping into a macrame project.

This is a simple and quick pattern. It’s easy to make; you can be completed within 20 minutes. 

If you would like to follow along with the video tutorial, jump to the bottom of the page to watch the step-by-step video.

Now, if you are ready to begin let’s jump right into it!

Macrame DIY Square Coaster
How to Macrame Square Coaster

Macrame Supplies You Will Need

To begin this project you will need a few materials. Below are the materials and the length of the cord that I used.

If you are interested in more materials and our selection of macrame cord, check out our online store for all your macrame needs.


Length Of Cord:

  • 8 x 110 cm
  • 2 x 20 cm 

Note: The wooden dowel is just for starting one side of the coaster. It will be removed later and won’t form a part of the project. 

Creating the Macrame Coaster Base

Step 1: To begin, hang up a wooden dowel and then take your eight strands of cord (at 110 centimetres long each), fold them in half and attach each one onto the dowel, using lark’s head knot.

Create Lark's Head Knots
Create Lark’s Head Knots

Step 2: Keep going until you have all eight strands of cord attached onto the dowel. 

Top Section Of The Coaster

Step 3: Taking one strand of cord at 20 centimetres long, place it underneath the lark’s head knot, and starting with the far left vertical cord, attach it onto the horizontal anchor cord using a double half-hitch knot.

Create a horizontal row using Double Half- Hitch knots
Create a horizontal row using Double Half- Hitch knots

Step 4: Continue with the next vertical cord to the right, and keep going until all vertical cords are attached to the horizontal cord using Double Half-Hitch knots.

Making The Daisy Pattern

Step 5: Using the second and third last two cords on the right, make a double half-hitch knot. We will make a small daisy pattern using the right four cords.

Step 6: Continue with the Double Half-Hitch knot to the left, and then a double half-hitch knot to the right. 

Step 7: Using the same anchor quarter working cord on the right, make a double half-hitch knot going the other way.

Step 8: Then repeat on the left side, the exact same thing you just did on the right. 

Step 9: Close off with one more double half-hitch knot in the center, to create a small daisy pattern. 

Creating a Daisy Pattern
Creating a Daisy Pattern

Step 10: Continue to the left with the next four cords to create another daisy pattern. Keep going, until you’ve made a total of four daisy patterns.

Create 4 Daisy Patterns
Create 4 Daisy Patterns

Step 11: Once you’ve created four daisy patterns, make a Square knot in-between the first two daisy patterns. After that, continue to the right and make two more Square knots in-between each of the daisy patterns.

Make a square knot in-between the first two daisy patterns.
Make a square knot in-between the first two daisy patterns.

Step 12: On the far left, with the far left four-cords, make an Alternating Square knot. Then continue to the right with three more Alternating Square knots.

On the far left four-cords, make an alternating square knot.
On the far left four-cords, make an alternating square knot.

Step 13: Add another row of alternating square knots underneath, making it the third row of Alternating Square knots. 

Step 14: Continue with two more rows of Alternating Square knots.

Step 15: Once the fifth row of square knots are made, start on the far left again and make another daisy pattern with the far left four cords. 

Step 16: Continue to the right, to create three more daisy patterns.

The Bottom Part

Step 17:  Place the last 20 centimetre strand of cord across and underneath the last row of daisy patterns made.

Starting with the far left vertical cord, attach it onto the horizontal cord using a Double Half-Hitch knot. 

Step 18: Taking the next vertical cord on the right, make another Double Half-Hitch knot and then continue with all the remaining vertical cords to the right, by attaching them onto the horizontal cord using Double Half-Hitch knots.

Attach the horizontal cord using Double Half-Hitch knots
Attach the horizontal cord using Double Half-Hitch knots

Trimming The Coaster

Step 19: Once all the vertical cords are attached, slide the wooden dowel out and then cut the loops on the top end.

Step 20: Cut the loops off and then trim the fringe on both ends.

Cut the loops off and then trim the fringe
Cut the loops off and then trim the fringe

Step 21: Finally, for the last step, comb through the fringe to give it a fluffy textured look. 

Comb through the fringe
Comb through the fringe

Congratulations! You have now completed your macrame coaster. You can use it any way you like – to decorate your home or protect surfaces from scratches and stain.

Below is the video tutorial for the macrame square coaster project.

Don’t forget to share your finished with me by tagging me @Bochiknot. I would love to see how your macrame project turned out, and provide any feedback, if necessary.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section.

Until next time, have fun macramé-ing!

Much love,

Macrame instructor for beginner, intermediate, and advanced macrame

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