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The 5 lessons I learned on my macrame journey.

5 Learning Lessons

In this blog article, I wanted to shed some light to all macrame enthusiasts on what I believe is critical for building long-term success, not just for macrame, but in all facets of life and business.

Through my macrame and business journey, I have faced many obstacles and failures. This is something that is inevitable in life. What I have come to realize when going through this hardship is the mindset that you must have, to be able to deal with any challenges you may face. This blog article goes over the 5 most important lessons I have learned to take me from failure to success.

By sharing what I have learnt and what I’ve gone through, I hope that it will give others insight and perspective on dealing with obstacles so that you can set yourself up for success. Lesson number 1!

1. Mindset – Mindset is probably the number 1 determining factor that can lead to your success or failures. A lot of times I see many people having negative beliefs and self-doubt. I completely understand this because we are hardwired for safety and security. Us as humans do not like being uncomfortable, whenever we are in a state where we are uncomfortable it’s in our natural habit to retreat and go to a place where we are familiarized with the environment. Developing the correct and strong mindset is the fundamental key to your personal, spiritual and business success. Macrame just like anything in life has taught me how to curate a positive mindset and looks at each situation from a different viewpoint.

How to develop a strong mindset you ask? Like anything to take practice and constant repetition. Whenever your mind drifts away, it will go into what is called “autopilot” this is where you unconsciously talk to yourself without even knowing it. This self-talk in most cases is a negative talk and usually goes something like this. “I’m not good enough to do this macrame”,  “this won’t work” ,” No one will buy from me” We usually don’t know but this talk is what prevents us from growing and becoming successful. When this negative self-talk happen you MUST immediately change the inner voice to a more positive outlook.

2. Attitude – Having a positive attitude is critical for success. Attitude can be defined as a feeling that you have towards someone or something. By recognizing your attitude that you have towards something will change your behaviour and ultimately your outcome. Keep a positive attitude always!

3. Build Habits – They say the most important habit you should learn is your morning ritual habits. Your morning ritual will either set up your day for either a win or lose for the day. My daily morning habits is quite simple. I wake up at 7:00 am and the first thing I do it NOT touch my phone. Giving yourself time to stay off social media and a barrage of negative news is vital in winning the day. Here is where I will spend an hour or so having breakfast, watching inspirational videos, and write in my 5minute journal. I would highly recommend trying this morning routine out for yourself.

4. Hard work – Hard work doesn’t necessarily mean hard labor work. I mean that you will need to put in time a copious amount of energy in what you love even if you don’t instantaneously see results. Making macrame is something that I enjoy and love to do. The work that I put in outside of designing and creating macrame pieces is what many don’t see. Behind the curtains are the hard work that I put in, day in and day out in building my business.

5. Patience – This is probably the one thing everyone misses when it come to success. Everything takes time and most of us are very impatient in today’s society. We live in a digital age of instant gratification with everything has become accessible to us at our finger tips. As the famous saying goes Rome wasn’t built in 1 day, and neither is building a successful macrame business. You must learn the art of patience and that timing is everything.

Hope you got a lot of value out of this blog article and continue with your macrame journey.


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