Macrame Wall Hangings | Completing Your Project with Crown Knot Tassel Pattern

Welcome back knotters,

Macrame Knots I used

In today’s tutorial, I will be going over an easy macrame wall hanging pattern using 4 knots (lark’s head, square knot, gathering knot and crown knot).

Macrame Knot Tutorial

This is part 1 of a Macrame Wall Hanging layer series that I will be going over in the next several weeks. I will show you different knots, patterns and sennits to add on top of a macrame wall hanging starting with this first back layer. I wanted to keep it nice and simple since we will be adding more over top of it. Let me know what your thoughts are on different ways you would decorate or add to this pattern in the comment section below. I will be adding to my flower series this week on Patreon featuring 2 macrame flower patterns that I came up with. Stay tuned!

Macrame DIY Knot PDF

I have recently uploaded my MACRAME DIAMOND KEYCHAIN EBOOK on to my website and on Patreon. If you want more in-depth macrame videos on how to take your skills to the next level check out my Patreon

Macrame Cord

If you liked the cord I used in my tutorial, be sure to check out the online shop for supplies.

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