Macramé Bunny Ear Pattern (Video Tutorial)

Macramé Bunny Ear Pattern (Video Tutorial)


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Macrame Bunny Ears

In this video tutorial, I will be going over 2 different ways to make bunny ears.
This is a great macrame project for beginners and anyone looking to create decorative macrame animal pieces.
These ears are made onto a 2″ wooden ring and can be used in multiple different projects such as baby teethers, add-ons onto a wall hanging or to start a plant hanger.

This is an online step-by-step video tutorial guide.

Materials Required

The estimated time for this project is 30min to 1 hour, but depending on your level of experience and macrame skills, the time may vary.

With that said, if you have all your materials and supplies, go ahead and give this macrame project a try!

I hope you’ll enjoy this macrame pattern tutorial and as always, if you do complete any Bochiknot macrame projects, be sure to share them with the community and myself, so that we can all marvel at each other’s work.
**Please note that this is a VIDEO PATTERN TUTORIAL only. The supplies and tools to make the macrame piece are not included.**
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