Dreamcatcher Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern

Dreamcatcher Macrame Wall Hanging Pattern


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Dreamcatchers are a very special type of ancient ornament. Originated from the Native American culture, they are believed to carry spiritual powers. They are generally made from natural fibers that are tied together around a wooden hoop to form a net or web-like pattern. They are thought to hold mystic powers that would ward off evil spirits and protect your dreams.

Create your own or one for your loved ones with this macrame dreamcatcher pattern ebook.

This pattern is geared towards an intermediate skill level. If you haven’t completed more than 5 macrame patterns I would suggest you try practicing with some beginner-friendly macrame tutorials before you begin this pattern.

This is a downloadable step-by-step picture and written instructional PDF ebook pattern. The ebook pattern also contains a link with a step-by-step video tutorial supplement.

Materials Required

  • 3mm Cotton Cord
  • String
  • Wooden Hoop
  • Feathers

The estimated time for this project is 2-4 hours, but depending on your level of experience and macrame skills, the time may vary. With that said, if you have all your materials and supplies, go ahead and give this macrame project a try!

Have fun macrame-ing!


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me.

This pattern is protected by intellectual property and copyright law and is not permitted to be duplicated, sold or distributed in any way.

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**Please note that this is a PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS EBOOK only. It is a downloadable PDF ebook. The macrame cord and other supplies to make the macrame piece are not included.**

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