Mira Macrame Plant Hanger

Mira Macrame Plant Hanger


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This is a beautiful handmade macrame plant hanger, a unique 1-of-kind style for all rooms.

The beige cotton rope adds a personal, hippie, minimalist interior look to each and every room in your living space. The bohemian unique design offers a mystic and calm vibe.
The natural color of the tapestry blends in with any background wall perfectly. It is ideal for all bohemian, nordic or modern minimalist interior styles. It is a home decoration must have!

Product Features:
(1) Materials: metal ring and cotton cord
(2) Size: overall size is about 17 inches in length

Matters needing attention:

Generally, cleaning is not needed. But you can use the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner to blow the dust regularly. If necessary, hand wash is the choice. Gently clean with mild soap and water. Do not machine wash.

This is a pure handmade product, so the cord is more likely to be messy. You can gently adjust after receiving it.

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