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Top 10 Most Useful Macramé Tools

Hi knotters!

Have you ever wondered if there were any other tools that macramé artist used to help make their designs so pretty?

It’s just not simply your hands and rope when it comes to macramé. There are is technique, finesse, and most importantly, useful tools that you can use to help with your design and make you life a lot easier.

I gathered some of the most useful tools you’ll need when it comes to macramé. These are the tools that I constantly use on the regular when creating macramé.

Some of these are must-haves, while some are nice-to-haves, depending on the type of projects you like to do. 

In this post, I’ll review each item, listing its primary uses. If you’re just starting out on macramé and wondering what you will need, other than cotton cord and wooden dowels, this post will help you answer that question. 

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Now, here are my top 10 macramé tools.

In no particular order, starting with #1

1.   Scissors

Macrame Scissors

I use a pair of durable craft scissors.

These can cut through many different types of material, including fabric. If you’re cutting multiple strands of cord for your project, a sharp pair of scissors saves a lot of time and effort.

It also allows you to have beautiful, clean cuts on the fringes of your projects – essential for rounding off projects. 

For tips on making clean cuts on your fringes, refer to my “how to macramé fringe” tutorial.

1.   Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is essential for measuring and cutting strands of cord for your projects. Measuring the correct length of cord for intricate designs is key to your success, whether you’re following a tutorial or creating your own pattern.

If you’re interested in knowing how to measure out cord for your projects, refer to my “how to measure cord” tutorial.

3.   Fringe Comb

This is one of my favorite tools. This durable, sturdy stainless steel tool combs through fringe easily, giving it a nice, fluffy texture. When I first started out with macramé, I used a plastic hair comb to brush through the fringe. While this does the job, it’s not the most effective way to comb through the fringe.

Having a sturdy comb allows you to comb through those knots easily if you use a cord that tangles easily. It definitely does a better job at fringing than the plastic alternative.

4. Crochet Hook  

This is a super helpful tool to have for macramé. Tucking loose cord ends through the back of a macramé design is much easier when you’re using a crochet hook. I use this tool to attached two separate pieces of macramé to each other as well.

Macrame Crochet hook

5. Macrame Cord Dispenser

Macrame Cord Dispenser

A cord dispenser is incredibly useful when you’re cutting cord for your projects. Simply place the spool of cord onto the dispenser and weave the end through the loop on the dispenser. Now, you can simply pull on the cord to measure it. Your cord stays nice and tidy, and you have no hassles with tangled cord. When I measure cord without the dispenser, my spool of cord rolls everywhere and gets tangled easily.

6. Clear Tape

When you’re incorporating accessories, such as beads, into your design, tape is super useful. Cord ends are often frayed, making it difficult to thread through beads. Wrapping cord ends with a little bit of tape, solves this problem, making it super easy to thread through the beads.

Macrame clear tape

7. Glue Stick

Sometimes, we make knots in macramé that could quickly unravel or loosen up. To prevent this, just dab a bit of glue on the cord ends.

Macrame glue stick

8. Needle & Thread


Needle and thread are an alternative to using glue when preventing knots from unraveling or untying. You can also use this to incorporate beads and other add-ons into your design when you can’t do this by threading the cord through them. 

9. Cork Pad & Pins

If you make a lot of smaller projects with thinner string, such as jewelry or keychains, it helps to have a smaller work pad. Here, you can pin down sections of the design to the cork board to make life easier. I got this cork pad from a local craft store. I’ve also used a pillow as a cushion for pins in previous jewelry projects.

Macrame Cork Pad Board

While you don’t need a cork pad, it does make working on more delicate projects easier, since it allows you to work on a flat surface.

10. S-Hooks and Rack

“S” hook and racks are great for working on projects while they’re hung up. These projects include wall hangings and bags.


Most people use clothing racks for this, but I use a photo backdrop stand to hang wooden dowels of pieces of driftwood from. You can get clothing racks for a reasonable price.

Macrame "S" Hook & Rack

If you don’t want to get a clothing rack right away, you can use a wall hook to hang up your pattern and work from there.

Watch Tutorial

If you’re interested in more macramé tips and tricks, and designs, check out my other blog posts. page.


Have fun knotting!

Much love,


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