✋Top Five Tips to get Started with Macrame

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Hello again everyone!

I’m here today to share with you some of my top tips for macramé beginners.

I know when I first started there were some things that I wish I had known, and today I’m going to share these with you!

I hope these tips will help your macramé journey be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

If you aren’t familiar with all of these knots, you can download my FREE 50 Macramé knot eBook, or watch my knot tutorials on YouTube if you are looking to expand your knowledge further!

My YouTube channel contains a wide selection of videos to help you improve your macramé skills and give you project inspiration.

Our post today is a guide which includes photos to share my top tips. However, if you are more of a visual learner, check out the video linked at the end of the post. 


If you have any questions about getting started with macramé, post them down below in the comments section.

Now, if you’re ready let’s begin!

Skill Level: Beginner-Friendly
Time Duration: 30mins
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Materials & Supplies

Bochiknot Macrame - Single Strand Rainbow (natural)


Tip #1 - Supplies & Setup

When you are getting started with macramé, it’s important to equip yourself with good supplies.

To begin with you’ll need a pair of scissors and a measuring tape to cut cords. I use fabric scissors as they cut through the cord easily.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame


The most important supply you’ll need for macramé is cord.


You can use whichever type of cord you like, and there are many types to choose from.


Some popular choices include Jute, Hemp and wax cords.


I prefer to use cotton cord as it’s easy to use and provides a great finished product. 

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

There are many colors and sizes of cord to choose from, so select according to the project you are working on.


I find using 4mm single strand cord to be the best option for beginners.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

A good setup is also essential for macramé. If you are making a wall hanging, you can tie the ends of a cord onto a dowel and tape the cord down onto a stable surface.


I like to use a kitchen or dining room table to work at.


You can tape other projects such as key-rings, jewelry and plant hangers down also.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Tip #2 - Learn the Basic Macrame Knots


If you want to progress quickly at macramé, it’s important to learn the basic knots, but in a slow and steady manner.


The three essential knots are the Lark’s Head knot, the Square knot and the Double Half Hitch knot. 


To make the Lark’s Head knot, take a strand of cord, fold it in half and take the loop side to the back of the dowel and put the ends through the loop.


Pull to tighten.


To start a project you would usually fill up the dowel with cords using the lark’s head knot.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

To make a Square knot, you’ll need four strands of cord. Start by adding another cord onto the dowel using a Lark’s Head knot.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Take the outer cords as your working cords and weave them between the anchor cords. Pull the cords tightly to secure your knot.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

To make a Double Half Hitch knot, you’ll need an anchor cord and several working cords.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame


You can continue this pattern horizontally or vertically as you desire for your project.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Tip#3 - Unknotting

Unknotting is an inevitable part of macramé. As soon as you accept the fact that you will be making mistakes and the patterns won’t turn out exactly the way you want sometimes, the less amount of time you will spend getting frustrated with unknotting.


A trick to help you to unknot faster if you use Double Half Hitch knots in your patterns, is to simply pull the anchor cord instead of unknotting them one by one.


I like using Double Half Hitch knots in my pieces as they are much easier to experiment with.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Tip#4 - Measure Twice Cut Once

.Make sure you double check the amount of rope that you’ll need for each project, and always add a little bit more length to the cord before cutting it to avoid running out.


It’s awful running out of rope when you’re almost done with a project! This can be a big


challenge when you start making your own designs with knowing how much rope you need to measure and cut. 


I know rope is expensive, and we want to conserve as much as possible. Depending on the size of your piece, I would say to measure the length of it and multiply that by four.


Then fold that cord in half, so you’ll have to multiply it by two. It’s always a safe bet to have more cord than less!

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Tip#5 - Save Your Scraps

Don’t throw away your scraps if you have leftover cord once you’ve made cuttings. Rope is pretty expensive so you want to savor it as much as possible.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

There are plenty of ideas for things you can make with your scraps such as tassels, jewelery or even adding texture to wall hangings with Lark’s Head knots.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame

Macrame Starter Kit


If you are just getting started with macramé but don’t know where to get the necessary supplies, or what to get, I’ve put together a Macramé Starter Kit.


In this kit you’ll be making a unique and easy design for your first piece. This design is for those at a beginner to intermediate skill level, and will take about 2-3 hours.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame


Inside the kit you’ll find a 12 inch wooden dowel and high quality cotton cord that is soft and easy to work with.


There’s also a S-hook to hang up your piece while working on it. You can do this by cutting a piece of cord and attaching it onto the wooden dowel at both ends.


Then you’ll hang it onto the hook and place it on a rack.

Top 5 Tips in getting started with macrame


You’ll also get a small wall hook to hang up your piece on the wall.


There’s also a card with instructions on how to download your step-by-step pattern eBook as well as a link to access the video tutorial.

Bonus Tips


My final tip for you all is to keep a positive mindset and enjoy the moment when you are making macramé!


There will be times when you are discouraged from moving forward such as with unknotting mistakes or running out of rope half way through a project. It’s okay – it’s all part of the learning process!


The more you practice, the more you’ll see your skillset and your macramé develop. It’s more important to focus on the process itself rather than the end result.


Creating macramé is all about enjoying the moment while making beautiful art at the same time. 


If you’re interested in trying out some macramé projects with me, check out the other projects and tutorials on the site. 

Have fun knotting and remember to always enjoy the process of your macramé projects!


Video Tutorial

If you’re interested in learning and creating more awesome macramé projects just like this one we went over today, be sure to check out the resources below.


Until next time! Have fun knotting!

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