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For as little as $4, you can join Bochiknot Macrame and receive a monthly macrame pattern ebook.

The ebook that you'll be receiving at the end of each month is a step-by-step, easy to follow guide of instructions on how to create and design a specific macrame project for that month. Ebook macrame patterns range from clutches, bags, wall hangings, plant hangers, etc.

For more advanced ebooks I release, you will also get a video tutorial to go along with the ebook pattern.

The more you practice creating different designs, the sooner you can master the art of macrame.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward in seeing you inside!

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$9 will get you instant access to a plethora of exclusive macramé content that will help improve your macramé skillset and knotting techniques. 

The benefits you'll receive:

*Instant access to NEW weekly skill-building macramé video tutorials*

*A FREE monthly downloadable EBOOK macramé pattern* (valued at approx. $7/month )

*Weekly newsletters updates on my latest macramé project and macramé news*

*The Ultimate Guide To Macramé eBook* - (The Bochiknot Macramé 50 Knots & Sennits Ebook.)

*FREE one on one guidance from me - I am always available to answer questions you may have*

*Lifetime 15% discount to Patreon members off all macramé cords, supplies, and materials.*

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Make Macramé MasterPiece is for those of you who are eager to have fun and learn theartofMacrame

If efficient and effective learning are qualities you value, then this tier may be right for you. 

Enhance your macrame skills by watching our weekly video tutorials and applying them into practice. 

At the end of every month, you will get all of the materials to make the Monthly Making Macrame Ebook pattern.

What you will get:The firstmonth. In the first month, you’ll be gifted our most popular beginner-friendly macrame Kami starter kit ($47 value). This will help you get started on the right foot.

Following monthsafter. Continuous practice makes perfect. We will continue to grow and develop as artists. 

Each month, we will work with new ideas, projects, and designs. 

Using different types and sizes of cord or rope, and materials, we'll learn how to create wonderful macrame pieces.

You will receive a spool of cord (either single strand, colored 3ply or 4ply cord) and/or other supplies / materials (comb, beads, etc).

Use these hand-selected items to join along in our #MAKEMACRAME monthly knot-along series.

Or, if you prefer, you can challenge yourself to use your creativity to create something of your own.

On top of the BIG benefits of receiving the first-month starter kit and cord or materials - members will also get to enjoy all the perks of lower pricing tiers.

TheBenefitsYouWillReceiveinMakingMacrameMasterPiece:*Gettinghands-onexperiencecreating projects with our finest fibers and materials for monthly macrame ebook projects.

*Learn the basics of macrame with ourfirst-monthstarterkit(includes pattern ebook, 12” wooden dowel, spool of 100 meter 4mm single strand cord, 2 “S” hooks, and a wall hook”).

*FREE Postal Shipping in North America.

*Instant access toNEWweekly skill-building macramé video tutorials.

*AFREEmonthly downloadable ebook macramé pattern*(valuedatapprox.$7/month).*Accesstoacommunityofknotters, as well asoneononeguidancefrom me - I am always available to answer questions you may have.

*Lifetime 20% discountto Patreon members off all regular priced macramé cord, supplies, and materials.*

If you’re ready to get knotty and have some fun, come join us!

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