Our Bochiknot Story

Just as every macramé masterpiece starts with a single thread, our story was woven from serendipity, blending our lives like distinct strands.

Our journey into macramé began while shopping for home décor for our first shared home, and it wasn't long before Nicole delved into crafting personalized pieces, igniting a passion for the art.

Each knot in macramé symbolizes the dedication and profound connections, mirroring the love we've nurtured with patience and a shared vision.

Our meticulously handmade creations, crafted from premium materials, encapsulate our fervor.

Through our online macramé venture, we aspire to impart joy, creativity, and the warmth of our affection to you.

Join us on this voyage filled with love, artistry, and boundless possibilities. 

With love, Nicole and Eric.

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Our Mission

We're on a mission to inspire and empower the macramé community through education, supplies, and sustainable values.

Guided by our passion for macramé and the environment, we're dedicated to eco-friendly materials and practices.

Join us to explore creativity, connect, and craft consciously.

Our Vision

Bochiknot leads the macramé community, uniting creativity and sustainability through resources, premium supplies, and inspiration for mastering the craft.

Guided by an eco-conscious ethos, our passionate community seeks to create responsibly.

With a bohemian chic focus, our goal is to infuse homes with beauty that resonates with a soulful essence.

Our vision combines shared creativity, sustainable practices, and enduring allure to enrich lives and foster connections within our creative community and beyond.

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