5 Important Macrame Tips for Beginners

Welcome to the beautiful world of macramé! You've come to the right place if you're a beginner eager to dive into this ancient and mesmerizing art form.

Macramé, the art of knotting cords into intricate patterns, allows you to create stunning and unique decor and accessories.

Having gone through this process to learn macrame, I've learned a lot over the years. To help you start your macramé journey, I've compiled five essential tips to set you on the path to success.

Whether you want to craft a stunning wall hanging or a bohemian-style plant hanger, these beginner-friendly tips will ensure a smooth and rewarding macramé experience. Let's unravel the magic of macramé together!

What is Macrame?

Macramé is a craft technique that uses cords or threads to create decorative knots.

Combining various knots forms patterns, designs, and textures. Common knots include the square knot, the double half hitch knot, and the lark's head knot.

By incorporating these knots with various materials, colors, and knotting techniques, you can craft intricate and visually appealing macramé pieces.

Macramé is popular due to its accessibility and versatility, as it requires minimal tools and is easy to start.

It offers ample space for creativity and personalization, allowing crafters to design unique and customizable items.

What is the Importance of Getting Started with Macrame?

The importance of this blog post lies in its ability to provide valuable guidance and support to individuals new to the art of macramé. Here's why this post is significant:

  1. Guidance for Beginners: Macramé can seem daunting for those just starting, but this blog post offers clear and concise tips to ease beginners into the craft. Addressing common challenges and providing practical advice empowers newcomers to take their first steps confidently.
  2. Enhanced Learning Experience: Learning a new craft like macramé can be overwhelming without proper guidance. This blog post streamlines the learning process, offering a structured approach to mastering the essential techniques, thus ensuring a more enjoyable and fulfilling learning experience.
  3. Avoiding Common Mistakes: Beginners often encounter specific mistakes that can lead to frustration and disappointment. By highlighting essential tips, this blog post helps newcomers avoid common pitfalls and promotes a smoother progression in their macramé journey.
  4. Inspiration and Creativity: As beginners grasp the fundamental macramé techniques, they gain the foundation to explore their creativity and create unique designs. This post encourages experimentation and artistic expression, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creations.
  5. Building a Macramé Community: A comprehensive and helpful blog post can attract and unite macramé enthusiasts, creating a vibrant online community of learners and experienced practitioners. This sense of community allows beginners to seek support, share their progress, and exchange ideas with others who share their passion for macramé.

In conclusion, the importance of this blog post lies in its potential to empower, inspire, and guide beginners in their macramé journey. Offering valuable tips and fostering a supportive community enhances the overall learning experience and encourages the growth of macramé as an enjoyable and fulfilling craft.

5 Tips When Getting Started with Macrame

Below are my top 5 tips you should know when getting started with macrame. These valuable insights are designed to simplify the process and help you get started with confidence. 

Tip # 1 You Will Need the Right Supplies and Materials

Macrame for beginners tutorial knots art Beginner macrame easy supplies products materials near me shop tools and online Best place to buy cord where How measure rope do Unknotting
Macrame for beginners tutorial knots art Beginner macrame easy supplies products materials near me shop tools and online Best place to buy cord where How measure rope do Unknotting

Before anything else, ensure you have the necessary macrame supplies and a suitable setup. The right supplies are essential as they impact your work process and the final result.

  • Scissors – Fabric scissors are recommended for cutting cords in macramé projects because they can easily cut through the material. If fabric scissors are unavailable, craft scissors can also suffice as long as they effectively get the job done. Ensure that your scissors are suitable for various macramé cords. Our Amazon store has a few options if you are looking for a good pair of scissors.
  • Measuring tape – The measuring tape you will need are standard ones you will likely find in a regular sewing kit.
  • Cord – Select strong and sturdy cords that appeal to you aesthetically and match your project's requirements. I recommend a sturdy 4mm single-strand cord to get started with macrame as it is soft on the hands and a great thickness, suitable for many projects. 

For creating a macrame wall hanging, ensure a stable setup by tying the ends of a strand of cord to a dowel and securing it with tape onto a steady surface.

    Tip # 2 Learn the Basic and Fundamental Knots

    To make better progress in learning macramé, it's important to master the fundamental knots.

    Start by learning the lark's head knot, square knot, and double half-hitch knot. 

    Learning the basic knots is essential as they serve as the foundation for more complex knotting techniques.

    Lark’s head knot


    The Lark's head knot is a fundamental and versatile knot used in Macrame to secure cords to a holding rod or ring, creating a solid foundation for your project. 

    • Fold a strand of cord in half to form a loop. Place the loop behind the object, such as a dowel or ring, top down.
    • Take the vertical ends and pass them through the loop
    • Pull on the cord ends to tighten.

    Use the cord ends created by the lark's head knot as a starting point for making knots for your project. 

    Square Knot

    A macrame square knot is one of the fundamental knots used in macrame. It is a decorative knot formed by combining two half knots in opposite directions.

    1. You will need four cord-ends to make the Square knot. The outer left and right cords are the working cords, whereas the inner cords are the anchor cords.

    2. Bring the left working cord over the two anchor cords and under the right working cord.

    3. Take the right working cord and pass it under the two anchor cords and up through the loop created by the left working cord. Note: at this point, a Half knot is formed.

    4. Pull both working cords to tighten the first half of the square knot. Repeat the process in the opposite direction: Bring the right working cord over the two anchor cords and under the left working cord.

    5. Take the left working cord and pass it under the two anchor cords and up through the loop created by the right working cord.

    6. Pull both working cords to tighten the second half of the square knot.

    The square knot creates a symmetrical pattern and is commonly used to create a variety of macrame projects, including wall hangings, plant hangers, bracelets, and more.

    Double Half-Hitch Knot

    The double half hitch knot is a fundamental and highly versatile knot in macrame. It serves as the building block for many intricate knot patterns, making it an essential technique for creating beautiful macrame designs. 

    *Note: the far-left cord is the anchor cord and the second cord from the left is the working cord for this knot.
    1. Angle the anchor cord to the direction we're trying to head to, which is downward diagonally to the right.
    2. Take the vertical working cord and wrap it over the anchor cord to the left side. Pull on the working cord to tighten.
    3. Repeat once more with the same working cord by wrapping the cord over to the left and through the loop.
    4. Pull on the working cord to tighten.

    When repeated, a diagonal row of Double Half Hitch knots is formed.

    Other Macrame Knots You Should Know

    By familiarizing yourself with popular knots such as the square knot, lark's head knot, and double half-hitch knot, a whole world of projects, macrame keychains included, will be at your fingertips. 

    To truly master the art of macrame, acquainting yourself with several other important knots, like the Gathering knot and the Berry knot amongst others, is essential. 

    I've curated a complimentary resource called "50 Macrame Knots & Sennit Guide" that you can download and learn new knots from.

    Bochiknot macrame knot ebook

    This invaluable guide will not only help you learn the knots but also provide insights into crafting unique knot sequences and pattern designs.

    Tip # 3 You Will be Doing a Lot of Unknotting

    Macrame for beginners tutorial knots art Beginner macrame easy supplies products materials near me shop tools and online Best place to buy cord where How measure rope do Unknotting

    Accept that mistakes are part of the macramé process and patterns may not always match your vision. Frustration with unknotting may arise.

    A quick way to untie double half-hitch knots is by pulling out the anchor cord from each row of knots. You can save time with this method and avoid untangling the knots one by one.

    Unknotting is a natural aspect of macramé, so don't stress too much about it.

    Tip #4 Measure twice, cut once

    Macrame for beginners tutorial knots art Beginner macrame easy supplies products materials near me shop tools and online Best place to buy cord where How measure rope do Unknotting

    Measure the cord twice, but cut it only once. Double-check the required length for each project and add some extra length before making the cut to avoid running out of cord.

    Measure the cord according to the instructions to ensure you have the correct length and avoid wasting any materials.

    Tip #5 Save Your Scraps

    Macrame for beginners tutorial knots art Beginner macrame easy supplies products materials near me shop tools and online Best place to buy cord where How measure rope do Unknotting

    Save your scraps instead of throwing them away. Cutting excess rope in your project will result in leftovers, which is perfectly fine.

    Cord/rope can be expensive, so it's wise to save as much as possible.

    You can utilize these scraps to create various things like jewelry, tassels, or add texture to your projects.  

    Bonus Tip! Have a Positive Mindset and Enjoy the Moment

    For your first macramé project, maintain a positive mindset and enjoy the process.

    As you immerse yourself in the art of macramé, you'll find that it transcends beyond a mere craft. Over time, it evolves into a soothing and therapeutic activity, often referred to as "macramé therapy." As you knot and weave intricate patterns to create beautiful artisan pieces, you'll also discover that it nourishes your soul, providing a sense of peace and contentment like no other.

    Additional information:

    In case you do not know where to get supplies, you can just visit our online store.

    Remember, macramé is a journey of learning, and perfection doesn't happen overnight. Don't be disheartened if you don't master it right away. As you invest time and practice, you'll notice gradual improvement, and what once seemed challenging will become second nature, especially once you become familiar with various macramé knots. Embrace the process, enjoy the learning curve, and revel in the satisfaction of your progress. Happy knotting!

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    YouTube 5 Must-Know Macrame Tips for Beginners Video Tutorial

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    Much love,
    Macrame for beginners tutorial knots art Beginner macrame easy supplies products materials near me shop tools and online Best place to buy cord where How measure rope do Unknotting

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