3 Macrame Angels to DIY This Holiday Christmas

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,

How lovely are your branches!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas tree,

How lovely are your branches!

What beautiful angels hang right there." 

Okay, so we changed it a little - but with so many beautiful macrame Christmas angel ornament options out there we’re pretty sure that’s what I should say! 

As much as the angel on the top of the tree is a statement - she isn’t the only angel out there and we believe all the ornaments should say something rather than simply act as background decor!

The best way we can think to do this - DIY macrame ornaments!  

3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY

 Lately, here at Bochiknot, we’ve been focusing a lot on blogs about using your creativity and starting with macrame project design and development.

One of the cornerstones of these blogs has been finding your own inspiration and using that to create projects. 

So as Christmas started approaching, I wanted to use everything I was teaching and I designed 3 awesome Christmas Angels as a thank you for being such a wonderful community - and to show you that inspiration is everywhere! 

Easy Macrame Christmas Angel

This angel is definitely born out of my love for fringe! 

Fringe is a cornerstone of macrame, you don’t commonly see it in other knotting arts - and it’s a wonderful way to either add depth or a realistic element like the hair on this angel. 

3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY

You can find this angel on both YouTube and our website! 

Angel Ornament with Leaf Wings

This angel was born out of my love of nature - and the double half hitch knot. The leaves I used in this pattern are perfect for adding an additional layer of texture which really makes her stand out! 


3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY

You can find this angel on both YouTube and our website!

Christmas Angel with Large Wings

This last angel was inspired purely by my love of macrame - her wings make me think of the freedom I feel while knotting - where I can combine everything I love (fringe and the double half hitch knot) to create something beautiful. 

3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY

You can find this angel on both YouTube and our website!

3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY

Knotting macrame Christmas crafts, particularly crafting angels, brings a unique and joyful dimension to the holiday season.

The art of macrame, with its intricate knotting techniques, allows you to create personalized and charming ornaments that embody the spirit of Christmas.

Crafting angels, in particular, adds a touch of celestial beauty to festive decorations.

The process of tying knots and weaving cords to form delicate wings and flowing fringe robes is not only pretty but also provides a meditative and relaxing experience between the never-ending hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

One of the joys of macrame Christmas angels is the quick and satisfying nature of these projects. With a few basic supplies, such as cotton cord and a wooden ring, you can easily create beautiful macrame angel ornaments in a short amount of time.

This makes it an ideal activity if you're looking to infuse your homes with handmade charm without committing to lengthy crafting sessions (who has the time?).

The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a macrame angel quickly adds to the festive spirit, making it a delightful and accessible creative outlet during the busy holiday season.

Beyond the tangible results, the act of crafting macrame angels fosters a sense of connection to traditions and the joy of giving.

These handmade ornaments can be gifted to loved ones, becoming cherished keepsakes that carry both the essence of the season and the personal touch of the creator.

Whether adorning the Christmas tree or serving as heartfelt presents, macrame angels really embody the spirit of the holidays, transforming crafting into a meaningful and joyous celebration of creativity and connection.

3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY

This past year has been an incredible journey with our ever-growing macrame community. As our knotting skills have expanded, so too has our creative spirit. The joy of crafting together has brought us closer, and we're grateful for each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

As we approach the festive season, we want to extend our heartfelt wishes for a joyous and macrame-filled holiday. May your Christmas tree be adorned with love, creativity, and the beautiful macrame angels you've crafted with your own hands.

Thank you for being a part of our creative community, and here's to a Merry Christmas and a knot-ty New Year!

P.S: Once you’re done with these angels make sure you check out our angel wall hanging on Patreon or Etsy!

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3 Macrame Christmas Angel DIY



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