RAINBOW 3mm 3ply Twist Recycled Cotton Cord/Rope (310 yds) - Bochiknot
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord
RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord

RAINBOW 3ply Strand Macrame Cord

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Please note you may mix and match sizes (3mm, 4mm, and 5mm), colors, AND types (3-ply / single strand) for the code as well!

Welcome to Bochiknot's Macrame Rainbow Cord line.

The rainbow line consists of all of the brilliant and vibrant colors you will find in a rainbow, and everything in-between.

We carry a range of colors from your standard natural beige to squash and silver fox.

Choose your favorite color AND size to personalize your macrame designs and projects.

Mix-and-match colors AND sizes to create contrast and depth to your pieces.

Your creativity is boundless with the variety of options you have with our Rainbow line!

This is a beautiful, soft, 3-ply twist cotton cord. The fibres are made from 100% recycled cotton materials.  The cord is perfect for making wall hangings, plant hangers, macrame fashion accessories, and all types of projects.

*Please note that the natural single-strand cord from the Rainbow line is made from different materials and is of a different shade compared to the natural cord from the Foundation line.*

Rainbow Cord Background 

Our cord is sold by weight and not length, so there will be some variation in lengths depending on the actual thickness of the rope in each batch.

Attention: Please note the Rainbow macrame cord is made from 100% recycled cotton materials which means that it is environmentally friendly.

As it is made from recycled cotton, you will often see small specks of the recycled materials throughout certain colors of the cord, which enhances the color and beauty of the cord.

Recommended Macrame Projects

• Length is 310yds in 3mm

• Weight for each roll is 1kg.

• Size 3mm

• Actual cord length may differ +/- 10% depending on the color.

• Made of 100% recycled cotton materials.

• Soft and easy to macrame and comb through.

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* Items are shipped to you directly from our fulfillment centers, using tracked, contact-less delivery.

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JUMBO Macrame cord Roll

Discover the pinnacle of macramé craftsmanship with our JUMBO macrame rolls of cord – a single strand twist that seamlessly integrates softness, strength, and aesthetic charm into every roll.

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Our zero-waste recycled macrame cords are proudly REACH certified, complying with regulations safeguarding human health and the environment from potential risks posed by chemicals.

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Perfect for diverse creative projects, this luxurious cord elevates your macramé experience, ensuring a perfect balance of comfort, durability, and visual appeal in every creation.

Take a Closer Look

Discover the exquisite allure of our LARGER-THAN-LIFE macrame cord rolls - where you can take your projects to new heights.

How We Measure Up

Our jumbo cord boasts an impressive 3x to 6x larger in total length then your typcial 100 yard cord rolls. Available in 3mm, 4mm and 5mm size.

Beautiful Color Selection

Choose from 10 beautiful colors. From creamy buttercream to our fan favorite Natural & gold, you'll be sure to find the favourite colors.

No Patterns, No Problem

The Bochiknot community offers a vibrant online space where macramé enthusiasts can connect, share ideas, and access a wealth of valuable resources. From video tutorials and expert tips to a supportive community forum, we got you covered on all levels!

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