Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)
Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)
Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)
Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)
Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)
Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)

Clearance Recycled 5mm Single Strand Twist Cotton Cord (Pink Marmalade)

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Elevate your crafting with beautiful materials from our Lush Line. 

  • Color: Pink Marmalade
  • Material: 100% regenerated cotton 
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Type: Single Strand Twist
  • Size: Approximately 105 yards (100m) with a ± 5% variance
  • Weight: 1kg 

Why You'll Love Our Color Swirl Cords

Fall in love with our 5mm Color Swirl Cords, where a delightful fusion of vibrant hues and colorful accents to brings a touch of glamour to your macrame projects.

The versatile thickness of these cords allows for creative flexibility, making it easy for crafters to achieve eye-catching and personalized designs. Elevate your macrame creations with the irresistible charm and artistic flair that our 5mm Color Swirl Cords bring to every knot and weave.

  • Vibrant Color Palette: Explore a captivating spectrum of vibrant hues and color accents, adding a dynamic and visually appealing element to your macrame projects.
  • Glamorous Touch: Infuse a touch of glamour into your creations with the unique color swirls, elevating the overall aesthetic of your macrame pieces.
  • OEKO-TEX: Certified Standard
  • Eye-Catching Patterns: Experiment with attention-grabbing patterns and designs, leveraging the vibrant color swirls to enhance the visual impact of your macrame pieces
  • Personalized Designs: Tailor your macrame projects to your unique style with varied color combinations, enabling you to personalize each creation for a distinct look.

Recommended Use:

The 5mm Color Swirl Cords offer a unique and dynamic aesthetic, making them ideal for projects where vibrant hues and visual interest are desired. Here are recommended macrame projects and use cases for 5mm Color Swirls over plain macrame cord:

  • Holiday-themed Creations: Incorporate Color Swirl Cords into holiday-themed macrame projects for a festive and celebratory touch.
  • Statement Wall Art: Create statement wall art using the 5mm Color Swirls, introducing dynamic patterns and eye-catching designs that stand out as decorative focal points.
  • Colorful Tapestry Weaving: Weave intricate tapestries with the 5mm Color Swirl Cords, allowing for expressive patterns and vibrant color combinations that make your tapestry a work of art.


Special notes:

  • Please note that once these rolls are sold out, they will be discontinued (aka gone forever!). Should you require this same specific shade, thickness and type of cord for your projects, we recommend you order extra before we run out.

Return policy:

  • All clearance sales are final, and returns/exchanges are not accepted for these items. 

Color: Pink Marmalade

Material: 100% regenerated cotton

Thickness: 5mm

Type: Single Strand Twist

Size: Approximately 105 yards (100m) with a ± 5% variance

Weight: 1kg

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5mm Color Swirl Cord

This speciality cord features a delightful blend of multi-color shade in every roll that adds an extra dimension & aesthetics to your. It's time to bring depth and visual attention to your macrame.

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Made from regenerative cotton without harmful chemical toxins. OEKO-TEX certified.

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Each knot and weave becomes a canvas of dynamic hues, enhancing the overall appeal of your macrame designs. Elevate your craft with our 5mm colored swirl macrame cord and let your imagination swirl with endless possibilities.

Take a Closer Look

This versatile cord showcases a delightful fusion of colors in each strand, bringing an extra layer of visual excitement to your macrame projects.

How We Measure Up

Our 5mm macrame cord, spanning 105 yards (100 meters), is perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners. Its versatile thickness accommodates various knotting techniques and intricate designs, making it ideal for a wide range of projects.

Beautiful Color Selection

Choose from the effortlessly chic Linen Twist, the soothing Herbal Blend, the sweet Pink Marmalade, the sophisticated Smokey Marble, or the beautiful Taupe Twirl.

No Patterns, No Problem

The Bochiknot community offers a vibrant online space where macramé enthusiasts can connect, share ideas, and access a wealth of valuable resources. From video tutorials and expert tips to a supportive community forum, we got you covered on all levels!

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5 mm Recycled cotton cord

Pretty shade.Soft texture and easy to work with. Smooth DHH knots. Also easy to fringe.