The Art of Mindful Macrame

In a modern world buzzing with digital noise and endless distractions, welcome to Bochiknot – your oasis of calm in the chaos through the art of macramé. 

Imagine stepping into a serene sanctuary where every knot and weave becomes a moment of pure zen. 

At Bochiknot, we're not just about crafting beautiful pieces; we're about crafting inner peace and relaxation. 

The thrill of creating something beautiful with your own hands will allow you to feel the stresses of the day melt away. 

It's not just about creating – it's about connecting with your soul, being mindful, and rediscovering the joy of simply being present.

Our Story

Bochiknot, (BOU-CHI-knot) is our modern-world take on a
traditional fiber craft.

In 2019, I, Nicole, was feeling disconnected from life, bored
with my mundane accounting career. At the same time, I happened to stumble upon
a wall hanging on Pinterest, which I later discovered was macrame. You
could say it was love at first sight.

With the belief I could make my very own, I started making a
keychain. The keychain turned into a bag, a bag turned into a wall hanging and
soon I was making hundreds of thousands of knots. I was hooked, by
the relaxing, pure zen feeling of knotting.

However, the road to the first 1,000 knots was not easy.
There was a lack of helpful tutorials, blogs, guides, courses, and minimal options
for macrame cords and supplies on the market to help make learning DIY macrame

Ignited by Nicole’s passion for macrame, and with the help
of Eric’s strategic thinking, our family business Bochiknot was born. Our
mission? Become a global inspiration and be the #1 helpful source for
enthusiasts to find joy in macrame.

To date, we have crafted over 1 million+ knots and over 300+
unique patterns and counting. This has translated into filming 400+ macrame
tutorials, and have amassed a following of 200,000+ followers on all major social
media platforms.

By nurturing creativity with easy-to-follow learning content, exceptional innovative products, and fostering the feeling of pure zen for macrame, we strive to cultivate a thriving community of macrame enthusiasts who are passionate about this timeless art form.

The Bochiknot aesthetic fuses the BOhemian qualities of macramé with a modern CHIc take on design and style. The abundance of neutral beige tones and muted colors represents the departure from traditional vibrant colors and allows for a more contemporary style.

It represents the oasis of calm we feel when we macrame.

A_Content_2500_x_2500_px_2 - Bochiknot
Our Mission

We're on a mission to inspire and empower the macramé community through education, supplies, and sustainable values.

Guided by our passion for macramé and the environment, we're dedicated to eco-friendly materials and practices.

Join us to explore creativity, connect, and craft consciously.

Our Vision

Bochiknot leads the macramé community, uniting creativity and sustainability through resources, premium supplies, and inspiration for mastering the craft.

Guided by an eco-conscious ethos, our passionate community seeks to create responsibly.

With a bohemian chic focus, our goal is to infuse homes with beauty that resonates with a soulful essence.

Our vision combines shared creativity, sustainable practices, and enduring allure to enrich lives and foster connections within our creative community and beyond.

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