13 Steps To Make a Macrame White Pearl Flower

How to macrame a flower pattern with white pearl

You are ready to learn macramé, but where do you start?

What materials will you need and what will you create?

In this blog post, I’m here to help answer these questions and hopefully get you up and going on creating your first macrame piece – A beginner-friendly macrame white pearl flower pattern.

I chose to share this macramé flower pattern because it is fairly easy to make. This is a quick and simple pattern that I recommend to all new beginners that are looking to give macrame a try for the first time. It will help those that are just starting out to get a chance to play around with some basic macrame knots, and in the end create something that they will admire, and hopefully continue on with.

If you follow the steps I lay out and watch the video tutorial, you shouldn’t have any issues, but if for whatever reason you get stuck or hit a roadblock, feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alright, let’s begin!

You’re now probably excited to begin making your first macrame piece, but let’s step on the breaks just a tad bit before we jump in headfirst into creating a work of art macrame masterpiece.

We first want to start off by familiarizing ourselves with a few basic knots. It’s best practice to make these knots a few dozen times so we get a feel of the tying technique and understand which way the rope goes. This will help in the event if you do make an error (this will be inevitable), that you will be able to quickly identify the mistake in the pattern and goes back and fix it.

The knots we will be using within this macrame project will be a Double Half Hitch Knot and an Overhand Knot. There are many more different types of knots you will most likely use, but the Double Half Hitch Knot (Clove Knot) and Overhand Knot are going to be our main focus for today.

If you like to improve your skillset and learn more macrame knots grab my FREE Ultimate 50 Macrame knots ebook. This will give you a plethora of different macrame knots you can play around with.

Once you have practiced making a Double Half Hitch knot and Overhand knot a few times, you will now need to gather some materials and supplies to begin the project.

Below are the materials and supplies I used. Most of the stationary materials can be found in your home, but if you’re looking for materials such as macrame rope and pearl beads, you can either visit Bochiknot online shop or Amazon. I will share the links in the materials listed underneath.

Materials Needed to Create a Macrame White Pearl Flower Pattern:

Alright, once you have gotten all of your materials and supplies, the fun part now begins! Let’s get to it!

Below are thirteen steps that you will need to follow in order to create a macrame white pearl flower pattern. I would suggest setting up a proper work station where all of your materials accessible and within arm’s length reach. You will want to set up a comfortable environment and eliminate any sort of distractions. There is nothing more frustrating than having to unravel your entire project because of little distraction that caused you to make a mistake at the beginning. I know about this because I have been there and I want to help you avoid this at all costs.

How to Create a Macrame White Pearl Flower Video Tutorial

Once you have got everything together you can begin by either watching the video that will give you an over-the-shoulder look at how I create the flower or you can follow along going over each step I laid out below.

How to Create a Macrame White Pearl Flower Step by Step Guide

Step 1: You will first start off taping one cord down horizontally, and then tape the other 7 cords down vertically.

Step 1

Step 2: Next using the horizontal cord as the anchor cord, make a row of Double Half Hitch knots with each one of the vertical cords. You will make a total of 7 Double Half Hitch knots.

Step: 2(A)
Step: 2(B)

Step 3: Once you have completed making seven Double Half Hitch knots, the next step is to use the furthest left cord as the anchor cord, and make another row of Double Half Hitch knots. You will repeat this another four more times for a total of six rows.

Step: 3

Step 4: Once you have completed making all six rows, using the furthest right cord as an anchor cord, make a row of Double Half Hitches with the vertical cords starting from the right to the left.

Step: 4(A)
Step: 4(B)

Step 5: Recreate the Double Half Hitch Pattern five more times. On the sixth row, stop at the second last cord.

Step 5

Step 6: Next, remove the tape and put it aside. Fold the ends of the piece together to form a petal.

Step: 6

Step 7: Take the last working cord and thread it through the first whole between the first and second row on the left side. You may use your nails or weave it through with a crochet hook or toothpick.

Step 7: (A)
Step: 7(B)
Step: 7(C)

Step 8: Tighten the cord and align it back with the vertical working cords on the right and finish the petal with a Double Half Hitch knot.

Step: 8
Step: 8(B)
Step: 8(C)

Step 9: Once you have closed off the bottom part of the petal with an Overhand knot, retape the petal and repeat steps 2 – step 9, four more times to create your four petals.

Step: 9
Step: 9(B)
Step: 9(C)

Once you have completed making all five petals, your pattern should start forming to look like the shape of a flower. See step: 9(D) for how it should begin to look.

Step: 9(D)

Step 10: The next step will be to turn the flower upside down and attach the petals together using a Double Half Hitch knot with two cords at a time (1 from each side). You will do this to all of the petal’s cords.

Step: 10

Step 11: Once you have tied and tightened all of the cords, the final step will be to add in the white pearl bead. You will do this by taking the inner cord and weave the bead through.

Step: 11

You will want to weave the cord through the bead hole in the opposite petal of the flower.

Step: 11(B)

Step 12: You will now want to turn the flower upside down and tie the cord to the next inner cord with a Double Overhand knot.

Step: 12(A)
Step: 12(B)

Step 13: After tying a Double Overhand knot on the back of the flower you are done! Congratulations! You have now created a White Pearl Macrame Flower Pattern, give yourself a pat on the back. If you do any questions or need clarity on a specific section or area, leave me a comment.

Hopefully, you finished this project without any friction or hiccups. For most new beginners, this project can take well over an hour to make. Nothing wrong with that, but if you finished under an hour, good on ya! You’re progressing very quickly.

If you enjoyed making this beginner-friendly macrame white pearl flower pattern and want to improve on your skillset, visit our online store and grab yourself an intermediate/advanced macrame starter kits.

Until next time, have fun macrame-ing!


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