RAINBOW 5mm Single Strand Twist Recycled Cotton Cord (145yds) - Bochiknot
6mm Single-Strand Macrame Cord (110yds)
6mm Single-Strand Macrame Cord (110yds)
6mm Single-Strand Macrame Cord (110yds)
6mm Single-Strand Macrame Cord (110yds)
6mm Single-Strand Macrame Cord (110yds)

6mm Single-Strand Macrame Cord (110yds)

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Premium 6mm Thick Macrame Cord: Perfect for Large Knots and Bold Patterns

Elevate your macrame projects with our Premium 6mm Thick Macrame Cord. Specially designed for artisans and DIY enthusiasts, this cord is ideal for creating large, impressive knots and bold, intricate patterns.

Whether you're crafting wall hangings, plant hangers, or home decor pieces, our macrame cord offers both strength and beauty, ensuring your creations stand out.

Key Features:

Thick and Durable:

  • 6mm Thickness: Provides the perfect balance between flexibility and sturdiness, making it easy to work with while maintaining the integrity of large knots and complex patterns.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from high-quality recycled cotton, this cord is strong, durable, and eco-friendly, ensuring your projects are sustainable and long-lasting.

Versatile and Stylish:

  • Ideal for Large Projects: The thickness of the cord is perfect for larger macrame projects, allowing you to create statement pieces that are both visually striking and structurally sound.
  • Smooth and Soft Texture: The cord is gentle on your hands and provides a smooth finish to your projects, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your work.

Easy to Use:

  • Tangle-Free and Easy to Cut: Designed to prevent tangling and fraying, our macrame cord ensures a hassle-free crafting experience, allowing you to focus on your creativity.
  • Multiple Color Options: Available in a variety of colors to suit any project or decor style, from natural off-white to vibrant, bold hues.

Perfect for All Skill Levels:

  • Beginner-Friendly: The manageable thickness and soft texture make it easy for beginners to practice and perfect their macrame techniques.
  • Professional Quality: Meets the high standards required by experienced crafters, ensuring professional results for all your macrame creations.


  • Wall Hangings: Create stunning, large-scale wall hangings that become the focal point of any room.
  • Plant Hangers: Design robust and stylish plant hangers that add a touch of elegance to your greenery.
  • Home Decor: Craft decorative items such as curtains, table runners, and more, adding a personal and artisanal touch to your home.

Our Premium 6mm Thick Macrame Cord is your go-to choice for any macrame project that requires durability, beauty, and ease of use. Unleash your creativity and make your next project a masterpiece with our high-quality macrame cord.

• One roll is equal to approximately 100meters (110 yards)

• Actual cord length may differ +/- 10%

• The cord measures 6mm in size.

• Made of 100% dyed recycled cotton materials.

• The cord is soft and easy to macrame and comb through.

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Rainbow Macrame Cord

Our macrame cord rolls feature a single-strand twist, effortlessly blending softness, strength, and aesthetic charm in each roll.

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Our zero-waste recycled macrame cords are proudly REACH certified, complying with regulations safeguarding human health and the environment from potential risks posed by chemicals.

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Perfect for diverse creative projects, this luxurious cord elevates your macramé experience, ensuring a perfect balance of comfort, durability, and visual appeal in every creation.

Take a Closer Look

What sets our single-strand cord apart is its ability to effortlessly integrate into various macrame patterns, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your unique vision to life.

No Patterns, No Problem

The Bochiknot community offers a vibrant online space where macramé enthusiasts can connect, share ideas, and access a wealth of valuable resources. From video tutorials and expert tips to a supportive community forum, we got you covered on all levels!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rainbow cord

I love the feel of the cord.It makes for a sculptured looking leaves. However, I learned that I need to allow more yardage because of the bulkier cord. The colors are soft and pretty.

Beautiful colors

The cord has great colors and a lovely finished product.