9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot
9mm Thick Chunky Macrame Cord (50yds) - Bochiknot

CLEARANCE Chunky Macrame Cord (9mm, 50yds)

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Why You'll Love Our Chunky Macrame Cord

The 9mm Chunky Macrame Cord distinguishes itself with its substantial thickness, providing enhanced stability and visual impact for larger macrame projects.

Its versatility makes it suitable for various creations, striking a balance between manageable handling and durability.

The unique aesthetic of the chunky cord adds depth and texture to designs, making it an excellent choice for both experienced macrame enthusiasts and newcomers seeking an enjoyable crafting experience.

  • Our chunky macramé cord is exceptionally soft, providing a luxurious and comfortable feel during the crafting process.
  • Strength and Durability
  • OEKO-TEX Certified Standard
  • Versatile for all types of macrame projects
  • High-quality material

Recommended Use:

Our 9mm macrame cord is versatile and suitable for a range of projects, particularly those that benefit from its bold aesthetic, substantial thickness, and enhanced durability.

Perfect for macra-weave, crafting large knots, adding accents, creating contrasts, and introducing bold and visually impactful elements to a variety of macrame designs and projects. Ideal for large wall hangings, plant hangers, and other diverse macrame creations, this cord offers versatility and a striking aesthetic.

• 9mm in size, 50 yards in length
• Single-strand twist
• Available in 5 colors
• Made in Turkey
• Eco-Friendly made from regenerative cotton

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9mm Chunky Cord

Our 9mm macrame cord allows you to explore a wide range of projects, and its thickness provides a unique aesthetic to your creations.

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Made from 100% natural cotton. No dye or color chemical toxins are add. OEKO-TEX certified.

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Be BIG & BOLD. Look no further than our Chunky cord - ideal for projects with large thick knots, accents and contrasts.

Take a Closer Look

Tailor-made for substantial projects, intricate knots demanding an extra level of stability, or any creative endeavor that involves intricate weaving – this chunky cord is the perfect companion for macra-weavers looking to elevate their craft.

How We Measure Up

Opt for the 9mm size – a substantial choice boasting a length of 50 yards (45 meters). This cord offers ample material for your professional-grade macrame projects or any endeavor requiring a durable and thick medium.

Beautiful Color Selection

Select your preferred shade from the sweet Caramel, the earth-tone greenery Fern, the timeless traditional Natural, the rich red-wine Terracotta, or the elegant and versatile Taupe. Each color brings its unique charm to your creations, allowing you to infuse your projects with the perfect touch of style and personality.

No Patterns, No Problem

The Bochiknot community offers a vibrant online space where macramé enthusiasts can connect, share ideas, and access a wealth of valuable resources. From video tutorials and expert tips to a supportive community forum, we got you covered on all levels!

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Customer Reviews

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Jeannie Campbell
Loving the chunky look this bigger cord provides!

I’ve found a fascination with using thicker cords such as Bochiknot’s 9mm single strand cords. With the interest in these chunky looks, more tutorials are emerging with new ideas I’m looking forward to trying! For now, I’m using the 9mm for an interesting look to feathers, tassels and wrapping rings. I’m also learning how to finger weave for a round bed in a cat hammock! Finger weaving is a take off of crocheting, without the necessary tools! It’s fun to play with and I’m keeping my eyes open for new and exciting ways to use this soft beautiful macrame string! Definitely recommended!