How to Make a Macrame Diamond Pattern Coaster (+Video Tutorial)

We love functional macramé, where function meets art, and today's pattern doesn't disappoint.

It's a gorgeous diamond coaster pattern, perfect for protecting your coffee table from spills. It also adds a beautiful boho flair to your living space.

The diamond coaster pattern is perfect for trying with your family and friends. It's quick and easy, perfect for doing while you're chatting away and sipping tea.

Don't you just love a quick project that you can finish in one go?

This beginner-friendly pattern contains the three basic knots of macramé, so it's a great design to practice on before starting larger projects.

These basic knots are the lark's head knot, double half hitch knot, and square knot.

I've also incorporated a fun variation of the square knot – I call it the S-knot. It's a regular square knot with another half knot worked into the design.

It looks gorgeous and adds dimension to the design.

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This project should take about 10 minutes, depending on your skill level.

Cord & Supplies

To create this pattern, you will need:


  • 3mm Cotton Cord
  • Dowel / stick to make the project from

For this tutorial, I used a 3mm single-strand cotton cord in Mocha from our Rainbow Cord range. This cord is sturdy, so it's super easy to macramé, and it's on sale now!

Cord Lengths Needed

  • 10 x 110cm (43”)

Creating The Diamond Coaster

Step 1: Take all 10 strands of cord at 110 cm long and attach them onto the dowel using Lark's Head knots.



Tape the dowel to your workstation to have a sturdy base to work from.

Step 2: Leave an inch of space from the top and make a Square knot with the 4 middle cords.


Add another half knot (S-shaped Square knot) in the opposite direction.


Step 3: Continue the pattern diagonally to the left and to the right.



Step 4: Fill in the middle section with the S-shaped Square knots.


Step 5: Make another 4 rows of S-shaped Square knots underneath with one less knot with every row until you get to 1 knot in the middle.


Step 6: Take the 2 longest cords and leave 3 inches of fringe. Then, cut off the excess. Use one as an anchor cord for Double Half Hitch knots at the bottom of the Diamond.




Step 7: Take the dowel out and cut it in the center of all the loops.

Step 8: Take the second cord cut at the bottom and make another Double Half Hitch knots row on the other side.


Step 9: Close off with a DHH knot with the anchor cords on both sides.


Step 10: Trim and comb through the fringe.


And that's it! A gorgeous diamond coaster for your coffee table. What's your favorite part of this design? Let me know in the comments :)


Until next time, have fun knotting!

Much love,

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