Welcome to Our Brand Ambassador Program!

At Bochiknot, we're all about firing up your creative spark and making your macramé dreams a reality with top-notch products that feel absolutely amazing to the touch.

We're not just about crafting—macramé is our way of expressing ourselves and unleashing our artistic vibes.

We're on a Mission to Macramé Madness!

Are you passionate about macramé and love sharing your creative journey with others?

Join us as a brand ambassador for Bochiknot Macramé and become a part of our thriving community!

Crafting with Confidence

Quality is our jam, so you can bet that every Bochiknot product is made with love and attention to detail, ensuring your macramé masterpieces last for ages.

Let's break it down...

The Love We Get from Knotters...


Being a Bochiknot ambassador is an amazing experience. I get to showcase my skills, access new products, and feel valued as part of the team.

Sarah L.
Toronto, Canada

Bochiknot's ambassador program is a game-changer. I love representing a brand that values my input and offers endless creative opportunities.

Emily S
Los Angeles, USA

Bochiknot's ambassador program is top-notch. I'm proud to represent a brand that truly values its ambassadors.

Taylor K
Chicago, USA

Step 1

Join our community of knotters who love to create and be the first to get their hands on our newest macrame products.

Step 2

Share your love for Bochiknot products by creating original content such as photo review, video review, or blog posts featuring our macramé item you received.

Step 3

Get Creative! Your feedback is key. Share thoughts on our products, promotions, and strategies to help us enhance customer satisfaction.


Below are responses to some FAQs. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or would like to learn more. We would love to hear from you!

Once you sign up, you will have the chance to participate in our review program.

Please note that only those who live in North America (Canada and the USA) are able to participate in this program.

We will notify you via email what products you are able to order as a part of the program. Once you have ordered and received the product, try it out and provide a review and feedback on Amazon.

Your feedback will allow us to ensure we are consistently providing quality products and delivering customer satisfaction.

Sign up for the program via the sign-up buttons above or the subscribe button right below this FAQ section.

There are many benefits to joining the program.

• Become part of our Bochiknot family

• Be the first to receive and try out our newest and most popular products

• Future offer opportunities

• Enjoy making macrame for MUCH LESS

There is no contract. You can email us at any time to be removed from the program.

Once you have written your review, send us your order # or a copy of your order invoice.

Once your feedback review is posted, we will send you a 50% rebate via paypal.

50% rebate is calculated on the product price and does not include any expedited shipping or miscellaneous fees.

Marvel in Macrame

We're excited to have you as an brand ambassador! Join us by clicking below.